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Xeroflor Canada (03:14)


Roofing technology is returning full circle to plants. A green roof features vegetation placed over a waterproof membrane. German company Xeroflor has produced pre-vegetated mats since 1972; they help manage storm water, lower energy costs, and provide UV protection.

Green Roof Challenges (03:26)

New extensive roof systems require less soil, irrigation, and maintenance. The construction industry has requested building standards to ensure their safety. Canada's National Research Council testing facility prepares a Xeroflor green roof for hurricane force winds in a laboratory.

Xeroflor Components (03:53)

Older systems used heavy, expensive growing mediums. Xeroflor's extensive systems are easy to install and cost efficient. Learn about roof barrier, drainage mat, water retention fleece, and pre-grown vegetation mat layers.

Green Roof Appropriate Plants (02:17)

Green roofing systems lower air conditioning costs. Xeroflor has identified the succulent sedum as the perfect species; it is heat and drought tolerant, and flowers in summer. Vegetation mats are grown in local nurseries.

Standardizing Green Roofs (03:27)

The National Research Council tests green roof systems under high winds, and researches whether Canadian construction can withstand the weight of vegetative roofs. Homeowners must check with structural engineers about additional loading, before installing a green roof.

Green Roof Case Study (03:10)

Toronto homeowner James McLean discusses his decision to install a Xeroflor system on his LEED certified home. It extends the roof lifespan, reduces air conditioning costs, reduces storm water volume, and is aesthetically pleasing.

Incentives for Green Roofs (02:03)

Green roof systems can help municipalities and homeowners meet environmentally sustainable construction goals. Xeroflor is installing products on Canadian homes, commercial structures, and government buildings.

Credits: How a Green Roof Is Made: Made To Renovate (00:29)

Credits: How a Green Roof Is Made: Made To Renovate

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This episode shows how a green roof is made. The episode begins in the fields where water retaining plants are grown to help absorb rainwater runoff. The episode explains how light weight mats are used to hold down plants on a green roof, why green roofs are so important for waste water management and how exactly a green roof works. The episode also shows how testing is done to ensure that green roofs are safe to be used in any weather from a light breeze to a full scale hurricane.

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