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Paisley Products of Canada (03:08)


The Toronto business makes materials to protect floor, windows and counters during construction. Global partners supply materials for performance adhesives, pressure sensitive tapes, electrical insulation, and vent covers.

Types of Surface Protection (02:36)

Different plastic thickness and adhesives are used to cover tile, carpet, and hardwood flooring. Sales representative Tracey Craig asks customers what needs protecting and for how long.

Xmark Surface Protection (03:07)

Kary covers a floor faster with Xmark than Ron does with cardboard. Learn about different adhesive plastic products used to protect surfaces from damage during construction.

Xmark Factory Production (03:39)

During the manufacturing process, raw granulated polyethylene granules are melted. Color and UV resistant chemicals are added, and a blowing machine creates a plastic film. Different adhesive glues are added, depending on surface type.

Testing Xmark Floor Coating (02:40)

Kary and Ron test a surface protective film. In the factory, machines cut heavy master rolls to smaller sizes. Films with UV protection are used on windows; the company also manufactures boot covers.

Paisley Products Family Business (02:42)

Peter Paisley began manufacturing insulators for electric motors. His son Randolph helped him develop surface protection products and expand into niche markets in a variety of industries. Kary and Ron drop a small hammer to test an Xmark film.

Green Products (03:37)

Kary and Ron drop a sledgehammer to test an Xmark film. In response to environmentally friendly construction trends, Paisley Products of Canada is creating recyclable covers that contribute to LEED certification.

Credits: How Site Protection Is Made: Made To Renovate (00:29)

Credits: How Site Protection Is Made: Made To Renovate

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This episode shows how plastic site protection is made. Starting with raw plastic pellets, this episode takes you through the entire plastic extrusion process, and explains how adhesives are applied to create a site protection product that prevents scratches and dents without moving. This episode also shows how various site protection products are used and how they can prevent dents scratches and other damage that can be caused on a construction or renovation site.

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