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Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage (02:50)


In July 8, 2003, same-sex marriage became legal in British Columbia, Canada. A couple for over ten years, Antony and Tom made international headlines as the first same-sex couple to take advantage of the legal right to wed.

Long-Term Gay Relationships (02:24)

A couple for over 30 years, Murray and Peter's relationship has already withstood the test of time compounded by the challenges of life with polio. Now the couple plans to marry on their 33rd anniversary.

From Heterosexual Marriage to Same-Sex Marriage (02:56)

Both married previously to men, lesbian couple, Joy and Jane look forward to gaining legal recognition of their ten year relationship. The Canadian gay pride parade celebrates the 2003 ruling with a theme of same-sex marriage.

Partners, but not Spouses (03:59)

Same-sex couples defend their relationships and right to marry while religious leaders still fight to overturn the ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Canada. The wedding ceremony takes on a whole new meaning for many gay couples.

Opposition: Clashing Minority Groups (02:24)

Over 64 churches and political groups, mostly of Asian descent, gather to protest gay marriage in Canada. The gay community quickly responds by staging an impromptu protest of their own.

Not All Religions Condemn Same-Sex Marriage (03:41)

Committed partners for over 35 years, Bob and Lloyd are active members of the Renaissance Christian church in Vancouver, B.C., a church that not only accepts homosexuals but supports same-sex marriage.

Author and Gay Activist, Jane Rule (05:13)

According to Rule, marriage is an archaic trap symbolizing female oppression. Many members of the gay community disagree, as they redefine the convention of marrying for love.

Marriage for Homosexual Parents (04:50)

British Columbia's Adoption Act of 1996 allows same-sex couples to adopt children. For same-sex couples with children, legal marriage holds the final piece in the family puzzle.

When Private Lives Become Public (02:55)

Despite the stress of unexpected media exposure, litigants in Canada's same-sex marriage case were relieved to proceed with wedding ceremonies shared with family and friends.

Marriage: A Dying Cliché (02:04)

In 2001 Jane Rule criticizes legislation that recognizes same-sex couples in the same way as common law marriage. Rule argues that the state has no business in any private relationship and that marriage is a cliché that no longer works.

Trials and Tribulations of Same-Sex Marriages (04:38)

From making wedding arrangements to telling one's parents, same-sex couples encounter many similarities and differences in comparison to heterosexual couples in the course of their relationship.

Acceptance of Same-Sex Partners (05:42)

Family members of one lesbian couple worked to overcome personal feelings about homosexuality but eventually came to accept the couple as they marry after 20 years together.

Equal Right to Marry (02:43)

Lawyer, Joe Arvay, fought to disband the common law bar on same-sex marriages on the grounds that it was discriminatory. The legalization of same-sex marriages in British Columbia, Canada, restores equal rights to same-sex couples.

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As controversy swirls around the issue of same-sex marriage, gay and lesbian couples in North America and abroad are speaking out for the right to marry. Filmed in British Columbia after the legalization of same-sex unions, this program introduces the victorious litigants, who share their views on marriage, religious and political opposition, child adoption, and, most of all, love. Interviews with their families, the lawyer who represented them, and gay rights activist Jane Rule—who takes issue with the institution of marriage—round out the program. (51 minutes)

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