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Introduction: Experimental Research Methods (00:46)


This segment introduces viewers to the work of psychologists.

Laboratory Experiments (06:34)

The point of an experiment is to find the cause for something using dependent and independent variables on experimental and control groups in closed conditions. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of this method.

Field Experiments (05:15)

This type of experiment is about testing the effect of one variable on another, but is not done in a closed environment. Learn about the strengths and limitations of this research method.

Natural Experiments (06:17)

A 1996 study allowed researchers to study whether ending poverty had an effect on the mental health of Cherokee children. With this method, researchers do not manipulate the independent variable, it occurs naturally.

Credits: Experimental Research Methods (00:36)

Credits: Experimental Research Methods

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Experimental Research Methods

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A great deal of psychological research is carried out using experiments and this film introduces students to a range of issues and ideas surrounding this most-popular of methods. Using a mix of classic and contemporary studies the film illustrates and evaluates three different types of experimental method: Laboratory, Field, and Natural Experiments – highlighting their respective strengths and drawing-out some of their major limitations.

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