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Introduction: Beyond Genetics (00:33)


This segment orients viewers to the complexity of nature vs. nurture.

All in the Genes? (06:03)

DNA is contained in the nucleus of human cells. The idea that human complexity can be explained through genetics is being questioned after decades of technological advances that pointed to genes being responsible for all physical and behavioral traits.

Turn Me On/Turn Me Off (07:06)

Identical twins are genetic clones. Physical and behavioral differences in twins increase with age because environmental influences lead to epigenetic modifications.

The Nurture in Your Nature (08:39)

In 2003, an experiment conducted on Agouti mice allowed scientists to explain why children of mothers who ate an unhealthy diet during pregnancy were at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Epigenetics is creating new possibilities for medical treatment.

Credits: Beyond Genetics (00:33)

Credits: Beyond Genetics

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Beyond Genetics

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"Nature or Nurture?” is a long-running debate in the social sciences, one heavily-influenced in the popular imagination by the idea "DNA is destiny” – the belief human behavior is broadly determined by a "good” or a "bad” roll of the genetic dice. While human genetics is an important part of our story, recent developments in the field of epigenetics suggest that the way our genes actually work can be critically shaped by the environment in which we live. This film, featuring contributions from Dr. Nessa Carey and Dr. Guy Sutton, goes Beyond Genetics to explore the ways epigenetics gives a new and exciting dimension to the debate.

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