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An Action Plan: Cultural Awareness in Healthcare— Introduction (01:48)


Mr. Ramirez presents with pain in his knee. His daughter is his interpreter. This segment orients viewers to the topic of cultural awareness in the healthcare setting and reviews the three part series.

An Action Plan (09:05)

In 2000, over 20 million people in the U.S. spoke English with limited proficiency. The Office of Minority Health and Human Services published the CLAS standards to help healthcare institutions address culturally and linguistically aware care. The Joint Commission sets and inspects standards for healthcare institutions.

The Action Plan (04:56)

Create an action committee lead by a high-ranking administrator to address cultural and linguistic issues in a healthcare setting. The committee should develop a demographic profile of the service area, assess current cultural and linguistic awareness of staff, and create a written plan considering the Joint Commissions and CLAS standards.

Credits: An Action Plan: Cultural Awareness in Healthcare (00:43)

Credits: An Action Plan: Cultural Awareness in Healthcare

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An Action Plan: Cultural Awareness in Healthcare

Part of the Series : Cultural Awareness in Healthcare
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This video considers aspects of human activity that differ based on culture. It examines three themes addressed in the CLAS standards, describes CLAS recommendations and mandates, and suggests ways in which healthcare facilities can implement cultural awareness practices.

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