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The Skeletal System: Anatomy and Physiology (03:47)


The skeletal system protects our organs, helps us move, stores minerals, and produces blood cells. The 206 bones in the human are organized by shape: long bones, short bones, flat bones, and irregular bones. Muscles and tendons attach themselves onto the periosteum.

The Axial Skeleton (04:51)

Bones that form the longitudinal axis of the body are considered part of the axial skeleton which comprises the skull, vertebral column, and thorax. Vertebrae are divided into five sections: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal.

The Appendicular Skeleton (02:43)

Shoulders, upper extremities, hips, and lower extremities make up the appendicular skeleton. The shoulder girdle connects the thoracic cavity to the bones in the upper extremities— the lower extremities are attached by the pelvic girdle and protects the lower section of the digestion system. The foot and ankle make up 26 bones and 33 joints.

Skeletal Articulations (02:47)

Joints are categorized into three groups: synarthrosis, amphiarthrosis, and diarthrosis. Examples of types of diarthrosis joints include: gliding joints, hinge joint, pivot joint, ellipsoidal joint, saddle joint, and ball and socket joint.

Credits: The Skeletal System: Anatomy and Physiology (00:14)

Credits: The Skeletal System: Anatomy and Physiology

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The Skeletal System: Anatomy and Physiology

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This video describes the four shapes of bones, differentiates between diaphysis and epiphyses of the long bones, and looks at the axial and appendicular skeletons. It describes the role of fontanels in protecting the infant's brain, lists five divisions of the vertebral column, names three types of rib pairs in the thorax, and describes the function of the six types of diarthrosis joints.

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