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The Respiratory System: Anatomy and Physiology: Introduction (02:41)


Every cell in the human body needs oxygen for survival. The respiratory system supplies body tissue with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. Cellular respiration is called metabolism.

Organs of the Respiratory System (07:17)

The upper respiratory tract includes the nose, pharynx, and larynx, while the lower respiratory tract contains the bronchi and trachea. Mucus and cilia trap and remove dust from the air. The alveolus is a tiny air sac where the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide take place.

Inspiration and Expiration (04:18)

The intercostal muscles and diaphragm contract during inspiration. As the intrapulmonary pressure drops, the pleural cavity expands forcing air into the lungs until the atmospheric pressure and intrapulmonary pressure are equal. The brainstem controls involuntary respiration and is influenced by rising levels of carbon dioxide in arteriole blood.

Credits: The Respiratory System: Anatomy and Physiology (00:35)

Credits: The Respiratory System: Anatomy and Physiology

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The Respiratory System: Anatomy and Physiology

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Explaining two main functions of the respiratory system, this video differentiates between ventilation and gas exchange, looks at the components of the respiratory system, describes the process of gas exchange, looks at expiration and inhalation, and describes how oxygen and carbon dioxide levels initiate respiration.

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