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Subjective Data (04:55)


Ask about voiding, urgency, stress incontinence, urine color, flank pain, and UTI frequency. Ask about breast lumps or nipple discharge. Take a menstrual history and inquire about vaginal infections, sexual history, sexual activity, birth control, and obstetrical history.

Objective Data (06:57)

Visually inspect urine samples for color and clarity; hear about medical conditions altering urine color. Learn how to perform a breast exam and assess the mons pubis and vagina. Hear current Pap smear guidelines. Ask about menopause and report signs of physical abuse.

Credits: The Female Genitourinary System: Nursing Assessment (00:17)

Credits: The Female Genitourinary System: Nursing Assessment

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The Female Genitourinary System: Nursing Assessment

Part of the Series : Nursing Assessment
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Looking at the structures and function of the components of the female genitourinary system, this video teaches how to perform a genitourinary system assessment. It looks at current guidelines for frequency of mammograms, shows how to take a menstrual and obstetrical history, and demonstrates how to perform a manual breast exam. It explains the frequency of UTIs in women as compared to men, shows how to identify signs of physical abuse, and discusses education about reproductive health.

Length: 13 minutes

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