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Subjective Data (04:07)


Ask about voiding, including urination frequency, urgency, and urine color. Determine whether there is a history of genitourinary problems, including kidney stones, UTIs, flank pain, testes lumps or swelling, and hernia. Hear how to take a sexual history.

Objective Data (07:10)

Learn how to give a breast exam. Visualize the penis for bumps, rash, lesions, genital warts, or discharge. Observe the scrotum for swelling and varicoceles, and visualize urine samples for color and clarity. Hear about medical conditions altering urine color and causing pressure on the urinary tract.

Credits: The Male Genitourinary System: Nursing Assessment (00:13)

Credits: The Male Genitourinary System: Nursing Assessment

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The Male Genitourinary System: Nursing Assessment

Part of the Series : Nursing Assessment
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Looking at the structures and function of the components of the male genitourinary system, this video teaches how to perform a genitourinary system assessment. It teaches how to perform a male breast exam by palpation and how to perform a visual assessment of male genitalia. It compares hypospadias and epispadias; explains visual indicators of phimosis, HPV infection, hydrocele, spermatocele, and varicocele; and discusses how to teach patients about reproductive self-care.

Length: 12 minutes

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