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Eyes: Subjective Data (01:29)


Inquire if the patient uses corrective lenses and how recently they visited an eye care specialist. Ask about infection symptoms and whether they have had eye surgery or are on ophthalmic medications.

Eyes: Objective Data (04:10)

Eyes should have white sclera; hear causes of yellow and red coloration. Test visual acuity using a standard eye chart. Lacrimals should be visible and eyes should track evenly; pupils should be equal in size and react equally to light. Hear underlying anisocoria causes.

Other Eye Abnormalities (01:16)

Ptosis, ectropion and entropion can be addressed surgically if causing significant problems. Learn about hordeolum and blepharitis.

Ears: Subjective Data (02:31)

Ask if the patient is experiencing hearing changes, including tinnitus; earaches; ear infections; or dizziness. In acute bacterial otitis media, draining pus indicates eardrum rupture. Environmental noise or loud music can damage hearing. Ask if the patient uses hearing aids.

Ears: Objective Data (04:04)

Early hearing loss symptoms are easily missed; learn about hearing impairment behaviors. Visually assess the outer ear for shape and size and palpate for tenderness. Hear how to use an otoscope and administer the whisper test.

Nose: Subjective Data (01:03)

Ask about nasal congestion and discharge and determine whether it is associated with allergies or common infections. Ask about sinus pain, congestion, nose bleeds, or smell or taste alterations. Inquire about injuries, surgeries and medications.

Nose: Objective Data (02:36)

Observe size and shape; assess for deformity, asymmetry, skin lesions, inflammation, and sinus congestion. Inspect the inside of the nares using an otoscope; do not attempt to advance past the lower turbinate. Nose bleeds and septum abnormalities may indicate cocaine use.

Credits: Eyes, Ears, Nose: Nursing Assessment (00:14)

Credits: Eyes, Ears, Nose: Nursing Assessment

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Eyes, Ears, Nose: Nursing Assessment

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This video shows how to examine the external features of the eyes, ears, and nose; perform a basic vision screening; perform a basic hearing screening using the whisper test; palpate the facial sinuses; and inspect the inside of the nares using an otoscope with a nasal speculum. It differentiates between normal and abnormal findings and shows the visible signs of drug abuse.

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