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Head and Neck, Mouth and Throat Assessment Overview (00:58)


Functions related to the head and neck are far reaching and complex. This program overlaps with the neurological assessment; eyes, ears and nose are covered in a separate program.

Head and Neck Subjective Data (01:19)

Inquire about pain and do a pain assessment, if present. Ask about medication, non-pharmacological treatments, history of injury or surgery, and lumps or swelling. Neck pain may be muscular.

Head and Neck Objective Data (03:51)

Observe skull size and shape; normal prominences exist in forehead, parietal and occipital regions, and the mastoid processes. Assess facial features; palpate sinuses for pain. Palpate the neck for swelling and assess lymph nodes. Learn about disease symptoms manifested in the head and neck.

Mouth and Throat Subjective Data (01:03)

Ask about recent lip, tongue, or mouth sores; throat soreness; tooth ache or bleeding gums; difficulty chewing or swallowing; taste alteration, and chewing tobacco.

Mouth and Throat Objective Data (04:46)

Visually assess the mouth, inspect teeth for underbite, overbite or crowding and abnormal molar patterns. Breath odor can indicate disease or poor oral hygiene. Inspect the tongue, observe for excessive swallowing and drooling, and look for cancer lesions.

Other Mouth and Throat Abnormalities (03:35)

Learn about thrush; herpes simplex lesions, also called cold sores or fever blisters; Meth mouth; gingival hyperplasia; tonsillitis; and epiglottis.

Credits: Head and Neck, Mouth and Throat: Nursing Assessment (00:14)

Credits: Head and Neck, Mouth and Throat: Nursing Assessment

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Head and Neck, Mouth and Throat: Nursing Assessment

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Listing common causes of head and neck pain, This video shows the normal prominences on the skull, compares microencephaly and macroencephaly, and identifies common causes of abnormal breath odors. It demonstrates how to assess the oral cavity; describes physical changes that accompany thrush, herpes simplex, and methamphetamine abuse; and compares tonsillitis and epiglottitis.

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