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Subjective Data (01:47)


Subjective data sets the physical exam focus. Ask if the patient has experienced chest pain, leg pain, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, weakness, excessive fatigue, edema of the extremities, or poor exercise tolerance. Inquire about the circumstances, frequency, and intensity.

Cardiovascular History (02:00)

Ask about family history of cardiac disease, heart attack, and stroke. Then ask whether the patient has had cardiac incidents and long term affects and whether they have had DVT. Ask about recreational drug use, smoking, and current or previous cardiac disorder treatments.

Lymph System Objective Data (01:53)

Lymphatic system assessment is commonly done with the peripheral vasculature. Learn how to assess superficial nodes in the cervical, axillary, and epitrochlear regions. Document enlarged node location and pain or tenderness.

Cardiovascular System Objective Data (04:33)

Begin by observing airway, breathing, and circulation and take vital signs. Evaluate skin color, nail bed color, and capillary refill time. Visually assess but do not palpate neck vessels. Palpate the apical pulse and over the cardiac apex, left sternal border, and base for pulsations.

Peripheral Pulse (03:31)

Learn how to assess the carotid, brachial, bilateral radial, popliteal, dorsalis pedis, and posterior tibial pulses. Faint pulses can be found using a Doppler. Check for edema pitting.

Auscultation of Carotid Arteries and the Heart (09:42)

The goal is to obtain heart rate, heart rhythm, S1 and S2 heart sounds, extra heart sounds, and cardiac murmurs. Learn about S1 and S2 causes, systole, and diastole. View where to listen for valve and artery sounds and hear examples of normal and abnormal sounds. View criteria for assessing murmurs.

Credits: The Cardiovascular System: Nursing Assessment (00:20)

Credits: The Cardiovascular System: Nursing Assessment

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The Cardiovascular System: Nursing Assessment

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Looking at the structures and function of the components of the cardiovascular system, this video teaches how to perform a cardiac assessment. It traces the flow of blood through the heart and pulmonary system, looks at the cardiac conduction system, and explains the role of lymph nodes. It demonstrates how to examine the cardiac and lymph systems, assess for deep vein thrombosis, palpate lymph nodes, assess peripheral pulses, and auscultate the heart.

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