The series is designed to impress upon the student the critical importance of the nursing assessment and includes demonstrations of appropriate examine techniques related to each system.  The series begins with a program dedicated to the importance assessment, documentation of findings, and the relationship between assessment and the plan of care.  In the following programs, detailed assessments of the various body systems are demonstrated.  Included are the key elements of assessment for the particular body system, and discussion of both normal and abnormal findings.   These exams provide information to assist the learner in the expansion of an assessment when abnormal findings are encountered.  Related anatomical information is provided for each system, and the programs feature real-time patient assessments supported with narration and animated graphics.  The final program in the series provides a demonstration of the head-to-toe intake assessment.

Length: 265 minutes

Item#: BVL120711

ISBN: 978-1-63521-666-0

Copyright date: ©2013

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