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Transpiration (03:50)


Plants use transpiration to move water throughout their cells, from the roots to the leaves. Guttation is a process through which plants lose water due to positive internal pressure. Hear differences between deciduous and conifer trees.

Plant Movements (04:19)

See time lapse photography of plants growing out of soil. The narrator explains photoperiodism and other mechanisms of plant movement. Learn how plants move themselves and the processes behind movement phenomenon.

Ripening and Tropism (05:17)

See a demonstration of ethylene gas ripening a tomato rapidly. See animations and time lapse photography of types of tropism. Hear about the differences between nastic movements and tropism.

Plant Nutrition (02:01)

Hear an overview of the necessary elements for the support of plant life as well as an explanation of the relationship between inorganic and organic compounds and the cycles that replenish these elements.

Nitrogen Cycle (04:11)

Hear about the differences between the types of nitrogen that are necessary for plant life. Nitrogen can be lost from the soil through many mechanisms and is returned to the soil through the nitrogen cycle.

Nitrification (03:48)

This process converts atmospheric nitrogen into a form of nitrogen that is usable by other plant life. See footage of sundew and pitcher plants feeding on insects to acquire nitrogen. Humans have been cultivating plants for tens of thousands of years and are now more dependent on plants than ever before.

Credits: Introduction to Botany: Part 2—The Botany Series (00:54)

Credits: Introduction to Botany: Part 2—The Botany Series

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Introduction to Botany: Part 2—The Botany Series

Part of the Series : The Botany Series
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This video looks at the processes of transpiration and guttation, illustrates two types of plant movements, and differentiates between positive and negative tropism. It also considers nutrients plants need for survival.

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