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Hanoi, Vietnam (02:52)


The city was established 1,000 years ago on the Red River. Modernity and tradition coexist in the city that is undergoing an economic revolution; Vietnamese medicine has been reinvented throughout history. Bernard Fontanille meets Dr. Dao Kim Long and enjoys a bowl of Pho.

Vietnamese Acupuncture (03:47)

Long takes Fontanille to a martial arts studio run by one of his former acupuncture students; health and martial arts are intertwined. Long discusses the origins of acupuncture and his approach to the practice.

Master Tue Tinh (02:03)

Fontanille and Long visit a temple dedicated to Tue Tinh; Long teaches several students and the group welcomes a new apprentice. Vietnamese medicine dates back 1,000 years and teaches students to "learn with all of the world's masters."

Lo'xa Village (03:05)

Fontanille and Long visit Long's village that was a resistance center for North Vietnam during the war. Long discusses his path to becoming a doctor while they admire the Bonsai trees. Long returns to the village weekly to care for residents.

Long's Hanoi Clinic (03:27)

Patients of all ages from all classes seek Long's care; acupuncture is the main treatment. Long explains the medical specialized medical charts that incorporate Western practices, traditional practices, and plant-based medicines.

Ba Vi Mountain Range (03:52)

Long and Fontanille examine the flora of the protected ecosystem. Long reflects on his military service and identifies pharmaceutical plants he used during the war.

Home Health Visits (03:46)

Trung has been training with Dr. Long for seven years; he began studying after Long cured his illness. Trung uses acupuncture and plant-based teas to treat a patient with degenerative vertebrae.

Reducing Stress (02:02)

Dr. Long combines traditional and modern medicine in his practice. Long discusses his work while fishing with Fontanille and recites poetry.

Credits: Vietnam: The Medicine Master—World Medicine (00:29)

Credits: Vietnam: The Medicine Master—World Medicine

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The influence of Chinese doctrine and incorporation of Western medicine results in the constant evolution of Vietnamese medicine.  Within the dynamics of innovation, older doctors often appear to be the most cutting edge. Dividing his practice between his native village and his clinic in Hanoi, 74-year-old Doctor Dao Kim Long embodies the future of traditional Vietnamese medicine. Bernard Fontanille meets Dr. Long, who explains his practice based on modernized acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation, and martial arts.

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