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Monument Valley (02:49)


The Navajo believe the sandstone monoliths are solidified monsters killed by men or prayer totems; medicine men keep these myths. Bernard Fontanille travels with a native to the reservation where over 150,000 Navajo live. Native lifestyles changed during the 20th century.

Medicine Man (03:07)

Fontanille meets Albert Laughter at a trading post. Laughter shows Fontanille the land where he grew up and discusses the origin of the word Navajo; he prefers to be called a Diné.

Traditional Medicine (04:14)

Fontanille and Laughter travel to Navajo Mountain; medicine men are called hataalii. Laughter uses a crystal and corn pollen to diagnose his patient and determine which healing ceremony to perform.

Traditional Treatment (03:14)

Fontanille explains the significance of the crystal. He helps Laughter and his apprentice pick wild herbs for the ceremony; Diné are connected with the elements and the land. Mountain tobacco is a key ingredient in purification.

Healing Ceremony (03:25)

Laughter explains the purpose and construction of a hogan. He explains the use of herbs and conducts the ceremony according to the sun.

Navajo Veterans (03:17)

Many American Indians fought during battles in foreign countries and returned home with PTSD. Laughter fills out paperwork for a veteran to receive financial assistance for a traditional ceremony and reflects the use of native language during WWII.

"Enemy Way" Ceremony (05:28)

Fontanille discusses the effects of PTSD; a patient feels guilty for surviving the Gulf War. Laughter conducts a healing ceremony to help Johnny find harmony.

Credits: United States : Arizona, Medicine Man Country—World Medicine (00:15)

Credits: United States : Arizona, Medicine Man Country—World Medicine

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United States : Arizona, Medicine Man Country—World Medicine

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Navajo territory, located among the sacred canyons of Arizona, is home to the largest Native American tribe in the United States. Among the Diné, “medicine-men” conduct sophisticated practices in which health and beauty are inseparable. In the Navajo language, they are called the “hatali,” meaning the “singers.” In the company of Albert Laughter, Bernard Fontanille discovers the Navajo art of healing.

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