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Pearl of Africa (03:35)


In Uganda, approximately 90% of the population lives in rural areas. The country has one of the highest growth rates with an average of six children per woman. Bernard Fontanille finds midwife Esther Madudu vaccinating children; she performs well-checks on pregnant mothers and children.

Tirriri Health Center IV (03:45)

The clinic provides free healthcare for locals; Madudu and her team manage the maternity ward. The team delivers approximately five babies a day. Madudu encourages a first time mother to walk during labor; she recalls her birthing experience.

Giving Birth (02:54)

Fontanille helps Madudu deliver a baby; Madudu is calm and at ease.

Role of a Midwife (02:28)

Madudu discusses minimizing tears during labor and the importance of a sensitive touch. Prior to solar energy, the center used candles and cell phones to see at night.

Motherhood (04:01)

The woman who gave birth the day before prepares to walk eight km home. On his way to meet another midwife, Fontanille encounters Judith collecting water. They discuss children, contraception, and her future husband.

Village Midwife (04:45)

Fontanille and Judith transport water to Judith's village. He meets Rose who recalls delivering babies before there was a health center and meeting Madudu. Madudu discusses family planning with villagers.

Role Model (03:36)

Madudu's children live with her mother because she cannot afford a maid. She discusses what being a midwife means to her, the need for more midwives, and the future; she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Credits: Uganda: Life At The Fingertips—World Medicine (00:23)

Credits: Uganda: Life At The Fingertips—World Medicine

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Esther Madudu is one of two midwives at the Katine health center, located about two hundred kilometers from the Ugandan capital. Here, there is no electricity and the solar panels no longer work. On average, Esther assists five women a day giving birth and tends to forty women in antenatal care, Monday through Friday. The midwives are also in charge of psychological monitoring, the prevention and treatment of malaria, and vaccinations. Esther earned a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015.

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