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Jeju, South Korea (03:26)


Bernard Fontanille travels to Jeju to meet shaman, Soon-Shil Suh. Shamanism came to the island approximately 3,000 years ago. Fontanille attends a ritual ceremony for ancestors; Suh explains why she cried.

Physical and Spiritual Treatment (03:07)

For many years, shamans were the only doctors available to residents; many of Suh's patients are elderly. Soon-Sha has been ill since dreaming of her mother. Suh determines the necessary treatments.

Haenyeos (02:34)

Female divers dive to depths of up to 20 meters without oxygen tanks. They often consult shamans and receive treatments at island hospitals. Fontanille and Dr. In-Chul Choi discuss the collaboration of modern medicine and shamanism.

Modern Medical Examination (02:06)

The local government urges haenyeos to see doctors by paying their medical expenses. Dr. Choi treats a woman with otitis.

Sea Women (02:32)

Haenyeos dive to provide for their families. Fontanille accompanies Dr. Choi's patient and other divers on the boat; her catch is good. She reflects on the future of Haenyeos in Jeju.

Shamanistic Destiny (03:05)

Suh and her sister show Fontanille where their mother is buried. Suh discusses her path to shamanism and the possibility that her daughter will become a shaman.

Psychological Comfort (03:12)

Shamanism has seen a revival in South Korea over the last 25 years. Suh sees a young man concerned about his future; he needs to perform a rite of passage.

Ritual Preparations (02:36)

Suh and Fontanille accompany Soon-Sha at the marketplace; she purchases victuals for an offering. Fontanille helps prepare for the ritual and shares a meal with Soon-Sha's family and friends, and Suh.

Healing Ritual (02:57)

Suh leads incantations, songs, and prayers that continue until sunset, providing meaning to Soon-Sha's pain so that she can express herself through the ancestors.

Credits: South Korea: The Return Of The Spirits—World Medicine (00:20)

Credits: South Korea: The Return Of The Spirits—World Medicine

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South Korea: The Return Of The Spirits—World Medicine

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Shamanism has a long history on the island of Jeju in South Korea. To discover the culture of spirits and the secular power of the mudangs - Korean shamans - emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille travels to the island of Jeju. He accompanies Soon-Shil Suh as she treats patients and performs a healing ritual.

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