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KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (02:21)


The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in the state; 60% of the population regularly consults healers. Bernard Fontanille arrives in South Africa to meet sangoma Slindile Ntlego.

Traditional Healer (04:01)

Sangoma practices are integrated into the South African healthcare system; Fontanille meets Ntlego. Ntlego treats a patient that likely has shingles. She uses medicinal plants to stop the spread of the virus and kill the germs.

Zulu Medicine (03:19)

Ntlego uses an ointment made of herbs and python fat to help the patient's skin heal and gives her an infusion to drink. Ntlego explains the importance of the python and discusses treatments by memory.

Sangoma (04:40)

The collaboration of sangomas and doctors resulted in the scientific recognition of medicinal plants. Ntlego discusses how she learns to use plants, how she became a healer, and the difference between a traditional doctor and a sangoma.

Isigubudu (01:24)

Zulus celebrate their history through music and dance.

Fight against AIDS (03:30)

In the KwaZulu-Natal province, one in seven people have AIDS; traditional medicine is part of the campaign against the disease. Ntlego encourages patients to go to the hospital. A woman explains her reliance on Ntlego.

AIDS Education (02:22)

Ntlego discusses HIV training. Her patient relies on Ntlego and the hospital to help her manage her disease.

Community Outreach (03:15)

Ntlego is an integral part of healthcare in Hlabisa. She reflects on the acceptance of traditional doctors by a system that once rejected them.

Credits: South Africa: The Zulus Healers—World Medicine (00:32)

Credits: South Africa: The Zulus Healers—World Medicine

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South Africa: The Zulus Healers—World Medicine

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Located between the shores of the Indian Ocean and the mountains of Drakensber, KwaZulu-Natal provine, home to the Zulu nation, is one of the poorest in the country. To stem the AIDS epidemic, the World Health Organization integrates traditional healers in their prevention and care campaigns. Emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille meets healer Slindile Ntlego.

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