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Keur Massar Village (02:52)


The Traditional Hospital, built in 1980, is the result of collaboration between a Peul healer and French biologist. The botanical garden is an important element in patient treatment. Bernard Fontanille finds traditional practitioner Aiou Ngom gathering plants.

Traditional Hospital (04:54)

The general medicine consultation room opened in 1995. Ngom diagnoses a woman by touch and provides herbs; he asks Fontanille to accompany her to the pharmacy for modern medications.

Practitioner Unification (01:57)

Traditional practitioners from various regions help preserve traditional Senegalese medicine. Ngom and two other practitioners reflect on healing those with leprosy and government involvement.

Treatment Collaboration (02:29)

Healers treat infectious diseases and pathologies related to general medicine. Aliou Sow treats dermatology patients with plant-based medicines developed at the hospital.

Treatment Approach (02:30)

Traditional practitioners record their findings and knowledge to share with others. Ngom treats a woman with malaria; Fontanille shows Ngom how to assess the spleen. Yvette Pares set strict rules about magical ceremonies at the hospital.

Touba Toul, Senegal (02:06)

Ngom returns home to spend time with his family and treat members of his community. Fontanille enjoys the Senegalese hospitality.

Traditional Healing (04:47)

Ngom uses a ritual of magic and plants to treat a young boy who suffers from an emotional shock.

Desire to Heal (03:50)

Ngom follows the rules at the hospital but treats patients in traditional ways at home; some patients prefer to be treated outside the hospital. Ngom often returns home to collect plants and relax. He discusses working with doctors from other regions and teaching his son.

Credits: Senegal: Where Medecines Meet—World Medicine (00:23)

Credits: Senegal: Where Medecines Meet—World Medicine

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At the gates of Dakar, the blue and white buildings of the Keur Massar Hospital of Traditional Medicine stretch out peacefully. When it was founded in 1980, the hospital was built in an isolated zone to treat people with leprosy. Today, patients come from all over the capital and the surrounding regions to consult the hospital’s healers and to visit the pharmacy. Traditional practitioner Alio Ngom welcomes Bernad Fontanille to Keur Massar and explains the hospital’s strength. Aliou also takes Bernard to his home in the Sereer region to explain the roots of his practice.

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