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Tuva Republic (02:03)


The Tuvans preserved their culture of shamanism, dating back 3,000 years. The practice was illegal from the 1930s to 1991. Bernard Fontanille meets the youngest and most well-known shaman in Tuva, Bouian Soian.

Diagnostic and Divination Consultation (03:09)

Soian reflects on the changes in Kyzyl; shamanism has adapted and modernized. Soian treats a man experiencing kidney pain and explains the use of sacred stones.

Traditional Healing (02:44)

Soian treats the patient with the use of stones, massage, and shamanistic chant. Shamans have always practiced touch healing.

Shamans Balance Communities (03:46)

Shamanism is a part of daily life in Kyzyl. Residents gather in a park in a ritual to honor the dead. Fontanille accompanies Soian to a sacred site; water spirits are an integral part of Soian's life.

Shamanic Chant (03:05)

Soian works to strengthen ties between shamanism and modern medicine. He treats alcohol dependent patients at a health clinic.

Healing Mud (02:48)

Elena Ontsour (Soian's teacher), Soian, and Fontanille travel to the steppe. They collect white mud for treatments.

Cradle of Shamanism (02:09)

Ontsour began her shamanistic journey in the Siberian steppe during Soviet repression. Shamans serve as guides to their people.

Nomadic Descent (05:17)

Soian and Ontsour often take care of farmers; Soian's family welcomes the group with tea. Soian and Ontsour treat a young man with pain in his arm. Later, the duo performs a ritual blessing for the herd.

Credits: Russia: The Cradle Of Shamanism—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: Russia: The Cradle Of Shamanism—World Medicine

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Russia: The Cradle Of Shamanism—World Medicine

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The Tyva Republic of Russia is located deep in the original cradle of Shamanism, in southeastern Siberia. The practice has undergone a remarkable revival since the fall of the USSR. Shamanism is a system of ritual thoughts, a social regulator, and a set of therapeutic techniques. Bernard Fontanille explores the revival of shamanism and meets one of the most well-known and youngest Shamans in Tuva, Buyan.

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