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"Land of the Bees" (03:39)


Romania has exported bee wax and honey since antiquity; locals understand that products from the hive can heal. Bernard Fontanille meets Dr. Eugen Stefan, a practicing apitherapist. Stefan checks the honey production of his hives and discusses the declining bee population.

Medicinal Value of Bees (02:12)

Bees and plants live in symbiosis. Fontanille and Stefan examine a honeycomb; bees introduce a small dose of venom into the honey. Stefan explains the purposes of propolis.

Complete Pharmacopeia (02:23)

Medicinal values of a bee hive include: antiseptics, analgesics, and natural antibiotics. Stefan explains "bee bread" and the use of bee venom.

Apitherapist (03:05)

Stefan often prescribes bee hive products and medicinal plants to his patients. He treats a patient's scar with bee venom.

Benefits of Bee Venom (03:23)

Stefan's practice combines traditional Romanian apitherapy, ayurvedic medicine, and acupuncture. Melittin stimulates cortisone production and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Stefan treats an older patient with arthritis.

Traditional Romanian Apitherapist (02:40)

A research center in Bucharest renewed interest in apitherapy. linca Colniceanu has helped the people of Vrancea for 40 years. She regularly stings herself to help with rheumatism.

Natural Treatments (04:13)

Fontanille and Colniceanu encounter a recent bear footprint while walking. Villagers seek Colniceanu's natural remedies; she prepares a cream to treat wounds.

Natural Medicine (04:02)

Colniceanu purchases beehive products from village beekeepers to make natural remedies. She applies the recently prepared cream on a patient's wound. Colniceanu reflects on caring for beehives.

Credits: Romania: The Miracle Of The Bees—World Medicine (00:16)

Credits: Romania: The Miracle Of The Bees—World Medicine

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Romania: The Miracle Of The Bees—World Medicine

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Like the practice of using plants for medicine, using bees - or apitherapy - appears to be universal. Romania leads a trend that extolls the medicinal virtues of the hive. In the region of Vrancea, Bernard Fontanille meets a passionate doctor and beekeeper, Doctor Eugen Stefan. In his surgery, he treats patients with stings from live bees that come from his hives. Bernard also visits Illinca, a healer, who inherited her knowledge of the benefits of honey, propolis, and venom from her family.

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