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Trois-Bassins, Reunion Island (03:22)


Humans inhabited Reunion Island in 1663. Trade increased the population and resulted in a mix of cultures. Bernard Fontanille meets herbal tea makers Daniel and Judith Tibère who are preparing plants for infusions.

Traditional Medicine (03:42)

The Tibères treat many patients with diseases poorly diagnosed by modern doctors. They treat a woman who suffers from heartburn, headaches, and anxiety. Judith feels what the patient feels and Daniel "snatches" her problems.

Herbal Treatments (02:00)

Judith grows many local medicinal herbs; her treatment preparations are secret. Judith finally agrees to let Fontanille watch as long as he is not disruptive.

Herbal Infusion (02:31)

Judith delivers an infusion to a patient at the St. Paul marketplace; he has a weak kidney. Judith's experience and the origin of the herbs reassure the man.

Family Bond (02:56)

Fontanille reflects on Reunion Island culture and questions Judith about family while enjoying a meal on the beach. The knowledge of herbal medicines derives from several sources. The Tibères' family members were also herbalists.

Creole Medicine (03:44)

The first women of the island, The Wives, cared for their families; fertility and perinatal mortality are the main focus of herbalists. Judith treats a child for tambave.

Mount Maïdo (03:08)

Fontanille and Daniel visit the site where slaves once found refuge. Daniel feels nature. He and Fontanille gather yellow flowers for infusions. A Reunionese association registered 16 plants on the French pharmacopoeia list.

Familial Legacy (03:36)

Fontanille and Daniel gather hot mouse from the forest; Fontanille explains hot and cold humors. Daniel's son will take his place when he is too old to work.

Credits: Reunion Island: Creole Herbal Teas—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: Reunion Island: Creole Herbal Teas—World Medicine

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Reunion Island: Creole Herbal Teas—World Medicine

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Reunion Island is home to a multitude of cultures and witnessed the birth of a unique Creole medicine that combines the theory of humors with sacred botany knowledge. Bernard Fontanilles meets the island’s “herbal tea makers.” Healers Judith and Daniel Tibère, aged 65 and 67, have Chinese, Madagascan, and African origins. As healers, they combine vast botanical knowledge with sensitivity.

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