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Loreto Region, Peru (02:26)


The remote location makes it difficult for thousands of people to access health care. Twice a year, Peruvian doctors board the Selva Viva to treat residents. Bernard Fontanille meets Maria Lopez Gonzalez at the Miraflores health outpost; she packs medical supplies for the Selva Viva.

Medical Brigade Member (03:05)

Fontanille discusses the culture in Miraflores. Gonzalez will board the Selva Viva for the first time this year; her family expresses their pride. Peruvian health authorities send medicines to villages along the river.

Aboard the Selva Viva (02:20)

The brigade provides services to over 7,000 villagers. The medical team discusses establishing priorities and making professional diagnoses. At the first village, home to approximately 20 families, they treat patients at the school.

Treatment and Education (02:11)

The most common issues at the first village are parasites, diarrhea, fever, and respiratory infection. The medical team educates villagers on malaria and mosquitoes.

Medical Check-Ups (05:34)

The medical team travels over 100 km in two weeks; Fontanille reflects on Gonzalez's versatility. Gonzalez discusses birth control with a woman who has triplets and examines a man with COPD. Residents of the Loreto region often use plants to treat ailments.

Traditional Healer (02:14)

Fontanille meets curandero Portale Navaro Pinedo. Pinedo prepares a plant remedy; one must respect the plant.

Traditional Medicine (04:32)

Pinedo and Fontanille travel by boat to visit a patient. Curanderos treat physical and spiritual health. Pinedo examines a man who feels pain in his joints and back.

Traditional Remedies (02:59)

Pinedo uses ritual and plants to treat the man's pain. The man discusses choosing when to go to a health outpost and when to see a curandero. The medical team and Pinedo plan to create an educational booklet for villagers.

Credits: Peru: Healing On Water—World Medicine (00:28)

Credits: Peru: Healing On Water—World Medicine

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Peru: Healing On Water—World Medicine

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Residents in the Loreto Region of Peru have limited access to healthcare. Emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille meets Maria Lopez Gonzalez and joins Peruvian doctors aboard the Selva Viva to visit 20 Indian communities in under 10 days. The doctors provide free medical consultations in each village after first meeting village elders and healers.

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