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Kouroung People (03:25)


Life expectancy for the Gurung is barely above 50; few healers are available. Bernard Fontanille walks several hours to reach Laprak village. He learns about Gurung culture from locals along the way and meets traveling doctor Dhil Prasadh.

Mill Worker Examination (02:51)

Health is often a low priority for villagers; few seek care in hospitals. Prasadh examines an 80-year-old man with coughing and breathing issues.

Laprak Village (03:56)

Prasadh and Fontanille arrive in the village. Prasadh meets with the only nurse in the Laprak health center, Yam Kumari, to discuss patients and needed treatments; Prasadh reports his findings to the regional hospital.

Laprak Health Center (03:49)

Fontanille remains with Kumari at the health center for a few days; she worked at the regional hospital for two years before coming to Laprak. She examines a woman with swollen hands and feet, and a young boy with diarrhea. Kumari speaks the local language, making treatment easier.

Community Bond (04:24)

Fontanille reflects on Kumari's importance to the 1,200 villagers in Laprak. Fontanille and Kumari visit a villager who discusses the importance of wood fires; she considers installing a chimney in the house. Kumari is often a special guest at local events and receives food from villagers.

Victim of Lightning (03:39)

Kumari treats a woman who was struck by lightning. The patient does not want Kumari to administer a local anesthetic and clean it; she cleans the wound herself every day.

Heartfelt Community Service (03:04)

Kumari sees her husband and children every three to six months; she has a strong bond with the villagers. The villagers prevented Maoist guerrillas from making her leave during the civil war. Fontanille reflects on the spirit and determination of Kumari and Prasadh.

Credits: Nepal: Medecine Of The Summits—World Medicine (00:32)

Credits: Nepal: Medecine Of The Summits—World Medicine

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Emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille travels to the village of Pokhara to discover the secrets of traditional Tibetan medicine. He visits the school of brothers Tenzing and Gyasto Bista, the last guardians of amchi. Among twenty children ranging in age from 6 to 15, Fontanille discovers a well-structured institution: dormitories, a kitchen, classrooms, acupuncture rooms, laboratories, and a biomedical garden to harvest the basic ingredients for the various remedies.

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