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Master of the Higher Way (03:01)


Theravada Buddhism is the main religion in Myanmar. Bernard Fontanille meets English teacher and healer Aung Myo Hein who has been trained in ancient methods to care for others and fight evil spirits. Hein's tattoos identify him as a master.

Ma Naw Seit Toat Patt Congregation (05:13)

Fontanille accompanies Hein to Son Pi Monastery for a ceremony welcoming new congregation members; he reflects on the changes in Myanmar society. Villagers witness the initiation ceremony. Hein explains the significance of the tattoos.

Esoteric Drawings (02:43)

Future healers must learn various therapeutic and spiritual disciplines to progress to Master of the Higher Way. Hein treats a patient with Kabbalistic signs; they are most effective when ingested.

Traditional Medicine (04:11)

At the monastery, Hein consults with a patient who has been vomiting blood and administers an herbal, copper sulfate remedy. He understands Fontanille's hesitation about the diagnosis and explains the man is vomiting because of a curse.

Spiritual Diagnosis and Treatment (02:14)

Supernatural attacks are the biggest health worry for the Burmese. Hein treats several patients at the monastery. He explains why he asks the patients to place their hands on their thighs.

Healing through Alchemy (03:27)

Villagers offer food to the monks in exchange for spiritual protection. Ukumarya became a Master of the Higher Way through alchemy. He consults with a young girl who had serious eye problems three years before and explains his treatment methods.

Meditation (02:05)

Fontanille and Ukumarya meditate; meditation is important for healing the mind. Ukumarya explains the spiritual dynamics of monks treating illnesses; he wants to reach nirvana.

Healing and Nirvana (02:04)

In Bago, Hein shows Fontanille his grandfather's pagoda and explains why he had it built. Hein explains that members of the congregation heal others for the virtue of merit.

Credits: Myanmar: The Tattoo Doctors—World Medicine (00:31)

Credits: Myanmar: The Tattoo Doctors—World Medicine

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Myanmar: The Tattoo Doctors—World Medicine

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Most people in Myanmar believe in Theravada Buddhism, an ancient doctrine incorporating occult beliefs which are omnipresent in Burmese culture; the Congregations of the Superior Way originated from this blend. In these Buddhist societies, disciples acquire esoteric powers, which help them heal and combat spirits. Their therapeutic arsenal consists of religious incantations, plants, tattoos, and alchemy. Bernard Fontanilles meets Aung Myo Hein, one of the Masters of the Superior Way. The symbols on his skin are a mark of his rank, and give him his power.

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