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San Lucas Quiavini, Oaxaca (03:13)


The majority of inhabitants have Zapotec Indian origins and practice ancient traditions and medicine. Bernard Fontanille meets healer and midwife Paulina Lopez Morales; she performs "la limpia."

Curandera and Partera (04:57)

Indigenous culture thrives in the Tlacolula Valley despite many men leaving for the U.S. Morales examines a pregnant woman and explains how she became a midwife. She expresses her fears during deliver and reflects on working with doctors.

Insect Protein (02:50)

Morales and Fontanille catch crickets in the cornfield. Fontanille considers the psychological barrier to eating insects, but likes the meal.

Traditional Medicine (04:18)

Morales grows medicinal plants and treats patients in her home. She examines a woman experiencing joint pain and uses an egg as a diagnostic tool.

Traditional Remedy (01:53)

Morales examines the egg test and determines her patient suffers from "susto" in addition to side effects from cortisone. She uses a mix of plants to relieve her symptoms.

Tlacolula Market (02:58)

Morales greets elders with a hand-kiss; a disappearing tradition. Morales and Fontanille visit the market where Morales purchases items to treat her patients. The Tlacolula Valley is home to several Zapotec communities.

Traditional Healing (04:59)

Morales performs a ritual to treat her patient's "susto." She uses the flu as an example to explains "susto."

Credits: Mexico: The Medicine Of The Zapotec Indians—World Medicine (00:23)

Credits: Mexico: The Medicine Of The Zapotec Indians—World Medicine

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Mexico: The Medicine Of The Zapotec Indians—World Medicine

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San Lucas Quiavini is located at the foot of the mountains in the Oaxaca Valley, the most American Indian region of Mexico. A fifth of the population does not speak Spanish, yet Catholic fervor is omnipresent. Bernard Fontanille meets traditional midwife (partera) Paulina whose role includes that of a traditional doctor (curandera) and spiritual healer. Paulina is a Zapotec, one of the country’s major indigenous peoples.

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