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"Red Island" (02:58)


Madagascar has unique flora, fauna, and is home to 18 ethnic groups. Bernard Fontanille travels to Anantsono to meet Malagasy healer, Folorine Boataky. Boataky and Zeti pick herbs along the water's edge.

Anantsono Healer (04:36)

Boataky shows Fontanille her traditional tools; she receives treatment information from her ancestors. Boataky prepares a hernia treatment and administers it to a young boy's testicles. She works all hours of the day and night.

Katafray Treatments (04:09)

Boataky treats a man with sore muscles from a previous injury; her index finger "knows" if a bone is broken. Boataky treats her leg with katafray massage; Fontanille believes she has osteoarthritis.

Medicinal Plants (05:14)

Boataky enters a trance to speak with her ancestors; Zeti asks for permission to pick herbs. Fontanille and Ziti gather medicinal plants like katafray; 90% of the plants in Madagascar are endemic.

Healing Family (01:56)

Ziti knows how to heal but has not accepted the ancestors' invitation; she prefers to gather the medicinal plants for Boataky. Ziti wants to become a midwife. Fontanille reflects on health resources and motherhood in Madagascar.

Pregnancy Care (03:04)

Boataky examines a pregnant woman. She massages her belly and gives her herbs to prevent miscarriage. The woman will receive care until she delivers and then return to her village.

Call to be a Healer (03:08)

Boataky states that God gave the Malagasy plants to grow for treatments. She became a healer even though she initially did not want to. Village children dance and make music.

Credits: Madagascar: The Spirit Of Plants—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: Madagascar: The Spirit Of Plants—World Medicine

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Madagascar's variety of climate and relief gives the “Red Island” one of the world’s richest floras. The island’s healers can identify hundreds of plants and contribute to scientific research. In the town of Anantsono, Bernard Fontanille meets Folo Boataky; she describes herself as a therapist. With help from the spirits of ancestors, Folo Boataky uses precious trees, her hands, and her mastery trance to heal.

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