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Tsavo National Park (02:49)


The Maasai emigrated from in the Nile Valley in the 15th century. The Maasai learned plant knowledge from a spiritual leader. Bernard Fontanille meets a disciple of a traditional Maasai doctor and discusses cattle.

Traditional Maasai Doctor (02:12)

Fontanille meets Lazzaro Senken. Senken cares for the health of villagers using herbal remedies; he is the only traditional doctor in the region.

Remote Medical Care (04:42)

Senken often walks for hours to treat remote patients. He examines a woman with a swollen knee and suggests she go to the hospital; traditional remedies will take too long. Senken shows Fontanille herbs he uses in an infusion to "clean the blood."

Teaching the Morans (02:25)

Approximately one third of the population in Kenya has access to quality medical care. Senken, Joseph, and Fontanille travel to the foot of the mountains to collect medicinal plants. The Maasai have many generations.

Medicinal Plants (04:30)

Senken, Joseph, and Fontanille collect plants Senken will use to treat patients. Many plants appear similar; studying the bark and leaves is important. Senken learned about medicinal plants from his father.

Maasai Warriors (03:46)

Through a series of rights and an apprenticeship, young Maasai become Morans. Fontanille meets a group of warriors protecting the cattle; they procure blood from a cow and mix it with milk.

Herbal Remedies (02:05)

The Maasai ingest blood and cow meat at almost every meal, but their consumption of herbal remedies provides a balanced diet. Senken looks through elephant dung for seeds he can replant; he makes infusions with the dung.

Energy Medicine (02:57)

Senken prepares an herbal infusion for Fontanille and explains its effects. The modernization of Kenya threatens Maasai medicine.

Credits: Kenya: Of Men And Volcanoes—World Medicine (00:31)

Credits: Kenya: Of Men And Volcanoes—World Medicine

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Approximately two thirds of the daily calories the Massaï ingest come from animal fat, yet they have few health problems. The knowledge of the Massaï herbalists enables these nomadic tribes to take advantage of the surrounding nature.

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