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Tirta Empul (02:30)


Balians like Mangku Tambun care for the physical and spiritual aspects of the Balinese. Bernard Fontanille meets Mangku at the sacred waters where he occasionally heals patients.

Balian Examination (03:23)

The Holy Water Religion is unique to Indonesia. Balian medicine is based on plants, massage, and spiritual incantation. Tambun treats a man who has not been feeling well for days.

Traditional Plants (03:30)

Tambun gathers medicinal plants; he tastes new plants before determining if they can be used as medicine. Tambun does not know how to read or write.

Traditional Treatment (02:28)

Tambun prepares a remedy from the Curcuma root; the gods are an integral part of Balian medicine. The patient reflects on the importance of Balians.

Balance between Humans and Gods (03:48)

For Balians, evil spirits are the root of diseases; Tambun must determine which gods to heal patients. Fontanille dons traditional garb and joins Tambun in prayer. Balinese make offerings to the gods and prepare for the New Year celebration.

Rice Fields (02:00)

Rice fields shape the social structure in Bali; Fontanille helps Tambun harvest rice. Leeches and mosquitoes are problems for farmers.

Eczema Remedy (03:25)

Tambun treats a woman with a skin rash; he uses a remedy to burn away the bacteria. Tambun shows Fontanille the mixture.

Bali New Year (03:50)

Fontanille considers faith vs. the placebo effect. He participates in the festivities and Tambun explains the significance of the hogo-hogos.

Credits: Indonesia II: Bali - The Island Of The Balians—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: Indonesia II: Bali - The Island Of The Balians—World Medicine

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Indonesia II: Bali - The Island Of The Balians—World Medicine

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In Bali, Bernard Fontanille meets Mangku Tambun, a guardian of the Gunung Agung— "House of the Gods." Tambun is one of the last Balinese to receive the title “Balian” (healer). This priest-doctor plays the role of intermediary between man and the Hindu gods.

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