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Araucanía Region (03:25)


Bernard Fontanille travels to the cradle of Mapuche culture that has existed for over 2,000 years. Fontanille meets Rosa Barbosa to learn how Mapuche medicine is practiced; he finds her getting "rewe." Barbosa explains the statues and plants that grow around her home.

Traditional Remedy (04:24)

The Mapuche live in small communal settlements; Machis travel to treat inhabitants. Barbosa supports the health of Lonco and his wife and provides relief from joint pain. She explains the role of her dreams in treatment.

Respecting the Elements (04:16)

The environment defines the Mapuche. Barbosa often visits the ocean to gather energy and items for remedies. Fontanille joins Barbosa in "making a trade" with the ocean and harvesting seaweed.

Mapuche Treatment Center (05:01)

Once a week, Barbosa works at the Puerto Saavedra city hospital; a team of nurses helps distribute plant-based remedies after each visit. Barbosa begins each appointment with a urine exam; she will sometimes send her files to a Chilean doctor to verify findings, but does not always receive a response.

Traditional Healing Ceremony (03:49)

Fontanille assists Barbosa in treating a student from a neighboring village; the girl experiences prophetic dreams that scare her. Barbosa explains how she became a Machi.

Araucaria (04:10)

The Pewenche are the Mapuche of the Andes Mountains. The Araucaria provides nourishment and medicine; Barbosa gathers "pewen beard." Barbosa explains how she is different from other Machi and suggest embracing the Earth.

Credits: Chile: The Mapuche Healers—World Medicine (00:26)

Credits: Chile: The Mapuche Healers—World Medicine

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Chile: The Mapuche Healers—World Medicine

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The Mapuche are the largest native minority within the Chilean State, and account for 9% of the population. Mapuche communities can count on the Machis, healers that treat body and spirit. Bernard Fontanille travels to the region of Araucania to discover the ways in which traditional Mapuche medicine is practiced in relation to its traditions and environment, and the country’s modern health system. With Rosa Barbosa, a Machi, he immerses himself in a medicine whose curative energy comes from the elements.

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