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Treatment of Eating Disorders (04:34)


Three young Australian women recover from eating disorders at the Karolinska Institute. The treatment here is revolutionary--based on the theory that eating disorders are caused by too little food and too much exercise.

Ordeal of Eating (03:57)

The cure for eating disorders lies in teaching patients to eat again. Young women work with biofeedback systems and trained supervisors. The girls spend time in "warming rooms" to relieve anxiety.

Karolinska Institute's Success (02:54)

Karolinska accepts all of Stockholm’s eating disorder patients, and it accepts paying clients from all over the world. Success of conventional treatment programs pale in the face of Karolinska’s phenomenal success with eating disorders.

Non-Psychiatric Treatment (04:53)

A young, anorexic patient nearly died even though she had undergone treatment. At Karolinska, she gains weight. Freudian-based treatment is no longer valid at the Institute, and they do not look for the "underlying cause" of the disorder.

Failure of Traditional Treatment (04:45)

Conventional psychiatric treatment is ineffective for eating disorders. Studies after WWII indicate that eating disorders result from too little to eat and too much exercise.

Karolinska's Success With Patients (04:53)

Anorexics exercise compulsively. Karolinska's success rate is seventy-five percent after one year, and ninety percent of those are still well after five years. Karolinska's treatment focuses on changing eating behavior as a way to heal the mind.

Learning to Eat (02:45)

Psychiatric symptoms diminish as patients learn how to eat again.

Success for a Lifetime (06:40)

Karolinska's treatment program is not accepted by traditional psychiatrists. The founders of the Karolinska program set up a trial to see whether their successes could be duplicated elsewhere. Young women are ready to return to their families.

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With a 75 percent success rate in treating anorexia and bulimia, Stockholm’s Karolinska Institute is in the vanguard of eating disorder therapy. This program follows patients through the Karolinska regimen as they relearn healthy eating behavior, gradually recognizing natural feelings of satiety with the help of a computerized biofeedback system. Closely observing the Institute’s counseling sessions, the video shows how the Karolinska approach counters traditional clinical methods, which typically involve medication, family dynamics, and a high rate of recidivism. The Stockholm Solution portrays a medical revolution—and what is for many young women a new lease on life. (37 minutes)

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