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"Stormaggedon" (02:15)


Meteorologist Dr. Karl Braganza explains how the development of an unusual weather pattern alerted him to the possibility of an extreme storm along Australia's east coast.

Extreme Flooding in Tasmania (01:57)

Australia usually gets heavier rains in warmer months. Braganza is hesitant to confirm that warmer weather caused the strong rains, but agrees that it could be a contributing factor.

Effects of the Northeast Shift (03:29)

Associate Professor Lisa Alexander explains that climate change will likely shift storm tracks to the south. Rising sea levels are are expected to increase storm intensity.

Black Nor'easter (04:15)

Paleoclimatologist Ian Goodwin explains the development of the storm; he uses sand to analyze storms throughout history. Goodwin predicts more massive storms in Australia's future.

Urban Area Flooding (04:14)

Professor Ashish Sharma explains the impact of urban flooding. Research at the University of New South Wales shows that climate change will likely increase storm intensity.

Mental Stimulation for Orangutans (03:23)

Dr. Graham Phillips investigates a program at Melbourne Zoo that uses technology to provide mental stimulation for orangutans. Dr. Sally Sherwin states that orangutans share DNA with humans and have similar skills, needs, and interests. Melbourne University partners with the zoo to provide a type of computer game for the animals.

Computer Games vs. Traditional Enrichment (02:01)

Computer games supplement activities orangutans would encounter in their natural environment. Games can be changed out as needed, whereas traditional stimulation is a more complicated endeavor.

Connecting Orangutans with Zoo Visitors (03:24)

The latest development at the zoo allows visitors to play a game along with the orangutans. Visitors choose a shape on one side and the orangutan, if interested, will mirror the action on their side of the enclosure.

Eating Ourselves Sick? (00:27)

See a preview for an upcoming episode of catalyst. (Credits)

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Orangutans are highly intelligent animals and keeping them mentally engaged and challenged is paramount for Melbourne zoo keepers and researchers. One project being trialed, is using Xbox technology to enrich their experience and to encourage positive human-animal interactions. It’s also hoped the technology could be adapted to give orangutans more control over their own environment, such as the temperature and lighting. Don’t miss reporter, Graham Phillips gaming with orangutans. In the first week of June, four states were battered by a ferocious East Coast Low unusual in its size, damaging storm surge and intense rainfalls. Tasmania was under a deluge as an unprecedented 7 rivers broke their banks in torrential downpours. Huge seas and an unusual wave direction carved out huge sections of waterfront properties and flooded low lying areas. Did warmer temperatures play a role? How are storm patterns changing across Australia and will we see more like this? Catalyst investigates the so-called “Stormageddon."

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