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Raw Truth: Introduction (01:27)


A raw vegan diet is a diet based on eating at least 70% raw foods or foods cooked below 118 degrees.

Raw Food Diet (04:23)

Alexa Kahn is interested in exploring the raw food movement. Baruch and James Stewart describe health issues that a raw food diet solved. Raw food chef Brian James Lucas of provides tips for making mock pork; he wants to teach others about raw foods.

Cooking Raw Food (03:51)

May and Ty raise their children in the raw food lifestyle. Ludo Lefebvre demonstrates raw cooking at a convention. Chef Juliano serves gourmet healthy foods that do not "taste healthy" at his restaurant; hear consumer thoughts on raw food.

Raw Food Vegan Lifestyle (04:34)

Khan shops for raw vegan foods. Nesanet Abegaze discusses cleansing, which includes raw foods and juicing. Baruch and Chef Juliano discuss non-vegan raw food lifestyles in a negative light. Mark Peel reflects on the difficulty of having conversations with some raw food proponents.

Raw Nutrition (02:26)

James Stewart explains the components of his store Rawesome. Lucas teaches children about raw food nutrition.

Raw Food Community (04:05)

Kahn talks to Lucas about her lifestyle change in social settings. Abegaze discusses support when living a raw vegan lifestyle. Kahn makes a raw meal with her friend Charlie and tries to explain the lifestyle change.

Healthy Lifestyle (02:31)

Abegaze and Kahn reflect on their raw food vegan lifestyle experiences. Baruch, Lefebvre, May and Ty, Chef Juliano, and Lucas discuss living a raw lifestyle and sharing it with others. See a list of celebrities that lead a raw food lifestyle.

Credits: The Raw Truth (01:21)

Credits: The Raw Truth

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The Raw Truth

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In a world full of sickness and death, can eating a completely raw vegan diet cure all? In this educational and entertaining documentary, raw vegans argue that health and youth start from within and eating only foods that are alive (raw) will prevent disease.

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