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Introduction to Pleasure (03:11)


Some forms of pleasure, like bowling, have not evolved much over hundreds of years. However, some forms of pleasure have changed, as women enjoy less sex yet still feel intimacy and connection. Eight women with unique perspectives are introduced.

Ranger Hamilton, Ph.D., Psychologist and Sex Therapist (06:45)

Born in 1909, Ranger Hamilton is a psychologist and sex therapist who worked at a camp and volunteered to do talks on sex education and career education. At the time, women were not expected to have careers, and Hamilton recalls sex being largely about pleasing a man.

Amika Sergejev, Midwife and Mother (06:26)

Amika Sergejev is a midwife and a mother of three who gave birth to her first child when she was 16 years old. She discusses sexuality, sensuality, and communicating about such topics. Sergejev believes women are disconnected from sexual pleasure because of careers and family responsibilities.

Joani Blank, MPH, Sex Educator and Author (06:16)

Joani Blank is a sex educator who believes society is far too repressed and that people are denied information that could allow them to derive much more pleasure from sex. She is now looking into the sexuality of older people and researching what happens to the sex lives of people in their 60s.

Sue Silverman, Author and Recovered Sex Addict (08:06)

Sue Silverman spent most of her life addicted to sex which stemmed from being molested by her father in childhood. She says used sex to alleviate pain and to get a feeling of being high. Silverman does not recall learning about the female orgasm until her late 20s and does not believe that the 1960s women's movement addressed women's sexuality properly.

Kate Frank, Ph.D., Sociologist and Former Stripper (05:45)

When studying sociology in graduate school, Kate Frank became curious about stripping and eventually worked as a stripper and wrote a book about the subject. Frank felt she came into herself as a feminist through her work and through talking to other women. She discusses the notion of pleasure being attached to politics.

Kristin Keefe, MD, Surgeon and Humanitarian (05:00)

Kristin Keefe often completes procedures where a uterus is removed and also diagnoses people with cancer. Keefe feels that delivering excellent care is an expression of love and that life is all about balance.

Cheryl Kane, R.N., Nurse and Former Nun (09:11)

Cheryl Kane was once a nun but now works as a nurse, doing street outreach to help homeless people who are not in shelters. She left her position as a nun at 42 years old but recalls celibacy as leaving your heart singly open for God.

Credits: The Pursuit of Pleasure (00:51)

Credits: The Pursuit of Pleasure

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Produced by Dr. Maryanne Galvin in 2004, this lively documentary challenges many of the commonly held beliefs about female sexuality, gender roles, and relationships. According to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, this 52 minute educational and entertaining program features seven articulate, highly diverse women discussing marriage, celibacy, sexuality, sensuality, gender roles, beauty, sisterhood, community, intimacy and work. Ranging from a Generation X midwife to a 94 year old psychologist and sex therapist, the women profiled offer varied perspectives on the evolution of pleasure since the women's movement began over forty years ago. These women are not high profile activists, but real women whose lives have been affected by changes in our society.

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