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Overexposed: Introduction (01:13)


Sexuality is a part of American culture. Men reflect on the availability and impact of sexual imagery.

Sexual Imagery and Marriage (04:19)

Alex states that the prevalence of sexual images makes it difficult for him to be faithful to his vows in his head. He shares his feelings about being in a magazine shop with and without his wife Anna. Anna discusses the messages she receives from Alex and society.

Sexualized Society (04:09)

Dr. Drew Pinsky answers questions about sex and love on the radio show Love Lines. Andrew Russo studies cinematography and is making a documentary about a male nude model. Russo and Alex reflect on learning about sex.

Pornography (03:03)

Stephen Arterburn hosts a radio talk show about sex and pornography. Russo discusses his experiences with pornography. Arterburn states that men's exposure to porn will increase and pornography is not a realistic depiction of women and sex.

"Pornified" (03:29)

Author Pamela Paul discusses the impact of pornography on relationships and men. Russo discusses the ease of sex depicted in pornography. He takes offense to Paul's claims that pornography affects a man's relationship with a woman.

Sexual Fulfillment (02:42)

Russo separates pornography from his relationship with Christina. Alex discusses his use of pornography before he married Anna and "one-way intimacy." Arterburn states that pornography often affects a man's satisfaction with sex.

Behavioral Changes (03:55)

Pinsky reflects on the effects of pornography on young people and discusses integrated emotional flexibility. Alex will sometimes still use pornography, but it has a cost. Russo feels like he leads two lives.

Intimate Relationships (01:27)

Russo discusses the side effects of pornography that he worries about. Arterburn states that sex is worth fighting for.

Credits: Overexposed (01:02)

Credits: Overexposed

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How do sexualized mass media and pornography affect men's abilities to be intimate? This video introduces the viewer to the world of love, sex, and intimacy in the age of virtual fantasies. In this film, 2 men reflect on how mass media and pornography have affected their perceptions of women and relationships. One man can't get the images out of his head, while another man can't get enough. From culture pundits -- Dr. Drew (host of LOVELINE, Pamela Paul and Steven Arterburn (NY Live) -- we get a spectrum of opinions on what it;s like to navigate intimacy and relationships in a sexualized society.

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