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Radical Art (02:52)


Radical dandy Sebastian Horsley sleeps with a loaded gun to remind himself to choose life; he tells the story of a prostitute shooting it at him. Tony Kaye brainstorms word associations for "rad." Artists share their definitions of radical art.

History of Protest Art and Culture (03:19)

Malcolm McLaren discusses early 20th century European radical artists and 1960s protest music. George Lois describes creating an Esquire cover of Andy Warhol drowning in a soup can.

Branding Art (02:58)

McLaren says today, art promotes the culture of greed and consumerism. Art dealer Rafael Jablonka discusses artists competing with celebrity. Jeff Koons represents fashion merging with contemporary art; he says his art makes viewers aware of their environment.

Surprise Elements (03:09)

Horsley and McLaren talk about breaking the rules in radical art. Horsley describes a performance piece where he was crucified in the Philippines. He regrets labeling it as art, which led to media misinterpretation.

Radical Lifestyle (03:19)

Radical art like punk can change society. Horsley discusses how Lord Byron’s radical lifestyle affected his art. McLaren says the lack of foreplay in sex films reflects the hectic pace of 21st century society. Jonathan Meese argues erotic toys are innocent.

Japanese Bondage Art (01:29)

The cultural practice of packaging goods evolved into an erotic art form. Photographer Nobuyoshi Araki says he promotes female subjects, rather than using his own creativity.

Homo Bonobo (02:55)

Performance artist Shelly Mars plays Ghislaine Poussait, a French anthropologist studying sexual freedom among apes and New York homosexuals. McLaren believes that contemporary fashion and art has made sex ordinary.

Art as a Marketing Tool (04:02)

Director Tony Kaye discusses a nightmarish advertisement by Damian Hirst. Hirst partners with The Hours to produce lucrative MTV videos. McLaren discusses how art helps advertising agencies present old ideas in new ways.

Radical Advertising (02:14)

London advertisers like Graham Fink of M&C Saatchi attend the Frieze Art Fair for inspiration. NRW-Forum Director Werner Lippert discusses erotic images used in Calvin Klein and Sisley campaigns that test mainstream limits.

Oliviero Toscani (02:13)

The photographer's United Colors of Benetton campaign examining social contradictions was a turning point in fashion. He says art is against morality; view his “No Anorexia” image. Lippert argues that artists paved the way for radical social upheaval.

Future of Advertising (04:14)

Meese says advertising is propaganda; Toscani challenges advertisers to really use radical art. McLaren predicts it will become more interesting as consumers become more discerning. He appears in a Virgin Atlantic commercial.

Tap Project (03:01)

David Droga believes simple advertising is more radical. Learn about his collaboration on the World Water Day campaign, where restaurants charged for water and donated proceeds to UNICEF to fund water projects around the world.

Subversive Advertising (04:15)

Adbusters founder Kalle Lasn discusses using "subvertising" to make social and political statements. Roald Van Wyk talks about working on a PETA commercial pressuring KFC to use humane slaughter methods.

Buy Nothing Day (01:45)

McLaren says advertising will play a less significant role, as we understand what we need to consume for survival. Lasn talks about Adbusters' campaign to raise awareness of over-consumption.

Deboulonneurs (03:11)

French activists fight advertisements in public spaces, seeing them as visual pollution. They meet monthly in Paris to spray paint over billboards.

Radical Gardening (03:04)

McLaren and Kaye discuss "slow" movements in society, including slow art. Fritz Haeg's Garden Lab project puts plants in unexpected places. He discusses revitalizing old fashioned activities.

Slow Movements (02:55)

Haeg is interested in people and art questioning the systems they are in, like cities or the art world. Lois references a Peter Seller film about a gardener, and McLaren discusses Obama's slow approach to capitalism.

Credits: The Radical Gardener (00:55)

Credits: The Radical Gardener

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The Radical Gardener is a rollercoaster-ride into the badlands of art and advertising featuring Malcolm McLaren, Jonathan Meese, Jeff Koons, Graham Fink, Guido Heffels, Kalle Lasn, Sebastian Horsley, Oliviero Toscani and Dr. Pussy. Today radical has become a buzzword for everything, from art to business to politics, but what does it really mean? Hermann Vaske goes on a journey to investigate the radical borderlines of art, exploring the very nature of our cultural and commercial landscape.

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