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While No One Is Watching: Introduction (02:06)


Swedish police intercepted a chat between two pedophiles. The Swedish National Board of Investigation relies in tips from police, the public, and organizations to help find and arrest culprits.

Where Are They? (04:06)

Swedish investigators scour photographs for clues about where pedophiles took photographs of sexual abuse. There are two perpetrators— one held the camera while the other molested the child.

Clues to Location (02:16)

After noticing a brand of chocolates and an electrical plug that originated in the UK, investigators send the photographs to the British government for assistance. Anders Persson wonders if a known German pedophile visited a known British pedophile. He calls the Victim Identification Unit in Britain to alert them.

Human Trafficking (02:31)

An online chat prompts a pedophile to use a closed network to view photographs of children. Children refuse to testify about human trafficking out of fear. An underage victim describes how a cousin visited her and asked if she would like to work in Italy— after his mother and grandmother agreed, she departed with the man.

Arriving in Italy (04:38)

An underage victim thought she might work in a shop or assist an old lady, but the trafficker forced her to have sex with strangers and beat her when she disobeyed. While in Naples, she met a Romanian man and begged him to help her. He convinced the trafficker to give her up, but then he imprisoned the victim— she became pregnant.

Pregnant and Enslaved (03:49)

An underage victim met an Italian shopkeeper who gave her a job while she was begging. When the Romanian man decided to sell her to a Moroccan man, the shopkeeper intervened and paid for her trip back to Romania. Her family told her she had disgraced them— she would rather starve than prostitute herself again.

Making A Difference (04:00)

Read a chat session between two pedophiles. Action pour les Enfants (APLE) works anonymously to combat the child sex tourism trade, investigates potential suspects, and helps victims.

Can Collectors (03:07)

One member describes how he travels into local community to discover information about the street children. He meets with several children, listens to their stories, reminds them never to go somewhere isolated with men, and asks them questions to gather intelligence.

Combatting Pedophilia (02:45)

APLE believes street children are most vulnerable at night, although pedophiles will make appointments with them during the day. A member visits a tourist destination and speaks with a child who works there about his and his friend's relationship to the vacationers.

Investigation Finds a Clue (03:37)

APLE discovers "Big Brother" (the suspect they are searching for) drove to Sihanouk. One member provides the suspect's itinerary. Police raid the apartment he is located at and arrest the suspect.

Raping Girls in the Ukraine (03:14)

In a war zone, the need for child sex workers increases due to the presence of aid workers, soldiers, and investors. Cathy Groenendijk runs Confident Children Out of Conflict to help children escape prostitution. In Juba, children come to the city looking for jobs and discover prostitution pays well.

Sex Workers (03:35)

Groenendijk visits women within the community and convinces them to leave their children with Groenendijk. One girl came to the brothel when she was eight, gave birth when she was 14, and is now pregnant with her second child. Groenendijk estimates there are more than 200 girls in brothels in Juba.

Gifts and Psychological Games (02:00)

J raped Bosse and maintained control over the boy through gifts for over two years. Sometimes Bosse feels as if he cannot breath. He remembers how J would ask him to make his mouth nice for "the tail."

Bosse's Story (03:44)

Bosse met J when he was 10. When his brother discovers Bosse reading about punk rock, he invites Bosse over to J's house to listen to music. J bought him clothes, rented a rehearsal space for Bosse's band, and read diary excerpts to him.

Abuse Begins (04:12)

J invited Bosse to sleep over one night. When J suggests Bosse take a shower, J climbs in with him and encourages Bosse to touch his erection. Bosse feels responsible and decides not to tell anyone about the abuse because he thought he would never be able to go into Stockholm again.

Cooperating Internationally (05:10)

The images from the Swedish National Police help arrest two pedophiles in the UK. At the raid, British police found illicit photographs that lead back to Sweden. The Swedish National Police prepare to execute a search warrant and bring a man suspected of abusing his daughter in for questioning.

Credits: While No One is Watching (02:48)

Credits: While No One is Watching

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Pedophilia has become a terrifying international industry. Behind the wall of anonymity the internet provides, predators prey on young children and pass terrible scenes of abuse back and forth. From the investigators trying to identify images of two men raping a child in Sweden to the Romanian girl whose job offer in Italy turns into sex slavery, this shocking doc offers a unique and powerful insight into the murky depths of this hidden world.

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