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Losing Dignity (04:21)


Women describe their experiences as sex workers— Tina begs Denmark for help. Kevin Bales describes how traffickers threaten a victim's family in order to get them to comply. Andrew Desmond explains that trafficking is a low risk crime with a high profit margin. (Credits)

Exploited Become the Exploiters (03:58)

Wendy paid off her 15,000 euro debt in forced prostitution and became a madam, supplying girls to brothels in Europe. Laila owns massage clinics around Denmark and just purchased a hotel in Dubai for prostitution. Desmond describes how women who were once victims turn into madams.

Massive Debt (02:33)

Rosie describes how she ended up 60,000 euros in debt to obtain visas for herself and her three prostitutes. Desmond explains how a victim's family aids the trafficker. Rosie left prostitution after she paid her off her debt, but her parents kept requesting money— with no other job skills, she returned to trafficking.

Family Aids Traffickers (02:44)

Rosie's mother sold her to a woman as a house slave when she was five. Irene's stepmother sold her brothers and sisters while Irene was at school.

Irene's Story (02:34)

When Irene grew older, her stepmother sold her to a group of men who wanted a young virgin to exploit. Bales describes how women who are trafficked try to emulate their captors as a way to survive. Irene recounts how she was repetitively raped throughout the night and drank raw blood.

Traveling Across the Desert (02:30)

Irene's captors abandoned her when she became pregnant. A couple promised her a new life if she traveled to Copenhagen— when she arrived, traffickers forced her into prostitution claiming they would kill her son if she did not comply. Queen describes how women were punished by Arabs

Wendy's Story (05:02)

Wendy delivers her testimony, confessing her sins before the parish in order to be baptized in two days. A trafficker lied to Wendy and convinced her she was going to Europe to work in a factory, not a brothel. Once there, she learned all the tricks to becoming a successful trafficker.

A Life of Prostitution (05:25)

Pedophiles preyed on Rosie because she looked so young— she describes how her madam took her to a large club where she would have to sleep with 10 men a day. Victims describe working, johns, and debts. Traffickers are motivated by greed.

Wendy's Journey (04:13)

Wendy began to attend a local born-again church. She fasts for three days to prepare for her baptism and destroys religious iconography of the old gods. At the baptismal ceremony, the priest renames her Patience.

Streets vs. Clubs (03:47)

Rosie recalls how women begged her to take their children to Europe, believing their daughters would work in fashion design or hairdressing. Rosie paid for two children to travel with her and taught them how to have sex with johns. Traffickers and prostitutes describe why they prefer working on the streets or in sex clubs.

Beatings (04:00)

Prostitutes describe violence that occurred during sexual interludes. Madams use physical abuse as a way to dominate victims and keep them from running away or going to the police. Traffickers send men to the women's houses to beat family members.

Disorienting Victims (02:57)

Irene's trafficker moved her to an apartment in Jylland— the production crew tries to convince her to leave with them, but she refuses because of what the traffickers will do to her family. Marciella's son was kidnapped after she refused to pay her debt. Traffickers employ spiritual methods to control and manipulate the girls.

Voodoo Religion (05:06)

Traffickers use "juju" to coerce the prostitutes into behaving. Bruno Moens describes religious rites victims are forced to participate in. Phillip Dogo explains the oath-taking ritual and how an Ayelala enforces the madam's wishes.

Living in Fear (02:05)

Patience describes how she manipulated victims using Voodoo. Tina begs the production crew to help her remain in Denmark. Marciella explains that she will not name her trafficker because Denmark does not have any laws to help protect illegal aliens who are sex workers.

Combating Trafficking (06:01)

Patience recruits women into the church and counsels Sara against taking a "job" in Greece. Kevin Bales explains that grassroots education in the prostitute's country of origin is one of the best ways to combat trafficking. A policeman from Patience's church introduces her to Daniela whose auntie wants to take her away for work.

Credits: Trafficker (00:55)

Credits: Trafficker

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Nigeria is a hub for human trafficking. Victims are transported to 33 countries, mostly as part of the $100 billion dollar sex trade. The documentary underlines the human costs behind the statistics. Its tender, devastating interviews reveal an all-too-common tale: African women turned prostitutes spend years paying off their trafficking debt in Europe. Few ever escape the shackles of their nightmarish ordeals and many find turning traffickers themselves is the only escape.

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