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Kurdish Abductees (03:48)


In August of 2014, the Islamic State captured the Iraq city of Shingal and took thousands of Yazidi women captive. The Islamic State considers the Yazidis "devil worshipers" and considers it permissible to buy and sell the women. Nareen Shammo quit her job as a journalist to work full-time at securing the release of the women, who are tortured and raped in captivity.

What is the Truth? (03:10)

Though hundreds of the kidnapped women still have their phones, when Shammo calls, Islamic State fighters often answer. While trying to reach one women, Shammo ends up speaking to an IS member who says that the women must convert to Islam and threatens to destroy their SIM cards. An alternative mode of communication is needed.

Rape, Torture, and Forced Conversion (02:58)

Shammo goes to meet a 21 year old woman who is being released from capture after a payment was made for her. The woman reports witnessing tortures, rapes, and children being separated from their mothers while fathers and uncles were killed. A YouTube video of IS men enthusiastically discussing "female slave market day" came from around the same time as the woman was captured.

Captured Family (03:27)

A Yazidi man whose family has been kidnapped by the Islamic Statue is trying to buy the freedom of his family while living in a refugee camp. There are eight members of his immediate family and he does not have money even for a bus ticket at this time. He does not know how they fare in capture.

Negotiations With Captors (03:40)

Some people accuse the Kurdish government of encouraging IS by allowing payments to be made for people, though the government has spent $1.5 million on the rescue scheme. A 15 year old girl who was captured reports witnessing killings, rapes, and family separations. Shammo helped the girl's brother raise the money to ring her home though around 27 members of her family are still in captivity.

No Future (04:20)

A young pregnant woman, Hamshe, who has escaped captivity, reports the men being separated from the women and ordered to lie down before gunfire. She remembers being locked inside a room by a man who refused her food and water because she would not marry him. She says the IS force the girls to donate blood to the wounded fighters.

Hamshe's Return (04:12)

Though Yazidi culture is conservative and in the past, a girl impregnated outside of marriage would be killed, Hamshe's family remains with her and her two year old son. Since August 2014, over 300 women have escaped or been released from Islamic State captivity. An estimated 2,600 women remain in captivity.

Credits: Slaves of the Caliphate (00:41)

Credits: Slaves of the Caliphate

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This is the story that exposed the true depravity of the Islamic State: thousands of defenseless girls captured as slaves. This emotional exposé meets the woman desperately trying to save the Yazidi girls.

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