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Introduction: Max Kennedy and the American Dream (01:40)


Clips from news media coverage orients viewers to the controversial topic of immigration in the U.S.

Minuteman Project (02:32)

Max Kennedy talks about spirituality and becoming part of the desert. He went to Mexico to see a dentist and took notice of what he had in common with the local people. (Credits)

Major Trail Into U.S. (02:00)

Kennedy arms himself with a shotgun before going out. "Mad Max" sympathizes with people on the other side of the Mexican border, but does not want their way of life polluting his country. He finds can that are used as markers by coyotes.

Sasabe, Sonora, Mexico (03:42)

A group of four friends is trying to find its way out of Mexico in order to make more money. The goal is to live in the U.S. long enough to save money for a small house back home . Kennedy finds an ID card in the desert; he will turn it into border patrol.

Ride Out of Mexico (02:00)

Men carrying bags and water split into groups and climb into overcrowded trucks and vans. If they do not make it into the U.S. this time, they will try again.

Untraceable Shoe Prints (02:55)

Kennedy points out tracks in the sand near the border. The men from Sasabe, Sonora, Mexico disembark from the trucks and walk through the desert.

The Situation (01:38)

Demonstrators in San Diego, chant "KKK, Go Away." Enrique Morones explains why they are protesting the unveiling of Pete Wilson statue.

Border Angels (02:37)

After a wall was built at the U.S. - Mexico border in 1994, people began dying in the desert. Talk show host Enrique Morones takes a group of volunteers into the desert to leave water for migrants.

Guard Dogs (04:20)

Kennedy finds the desert dangerous and exciting. He meets up with other minutemen in Campo. Kennedy feels that he is protecting land owners near the U.S. - Mexico border. A ranch owner expresses her frustrations with trespassers.

Protecting the Country (02:17)

"Lil Dog" says the border needs to be sealed. Morones explains how ineffective the Minutemen are.

Minuteman Shooting Range (02:30)

Owners of a ranch on the U.S. - Mexico border acknowledge that their ancestors were immigrants. Morones points out that immigrants contribute billions to the economy.

Cheap Labor (03:13)

Kennedy describes losing his job after South Americans moved into his neighborhood because they would work cheap. He blames the loss of his family on becoming unemployed

Casa Del Migrante (02:09)

In Tijuana, Mexico men who have entered the U.S. and been deported share their stories from the Rehabilitation Center for Deportees. Some are separated from their families.

It's Been a Long Ride Brother (02:33)

Kennedy leaves the border after 15 months. He found many of the Campo Minutemen to be ideologues. He talks about his own mixed race granddaughter.

Casa Del Migrante Kitchen (01:55)

A man who lived in the U.S. for 28 years is struggling to adapt to Mexico. He was deported after serving time in prison for selling narcotics. He plans to return to L.A. as soon as he has enough money.

To Live and Die in Las Vegas (02:18)

Kennedy talks about what it is like to live in Las Vegas after leaving the U.S. - Mexico border.

Playa de Tijuana - U.S. / Mexico Border (02:30)

A man explains that Mexicans will continue to cross into the U.S. no matter how many barriers are constructed. They plan to cross the fence at the beach.

Gun Store (04:04)

Kennedy feels like his talents are being appreciated in Las Vegas. Two men are stopped by border patrol after crossing at Playa de Tijuana at the U.S. - Mexico border.

Finally Got My Wheels (03:28)

Kennedy is in a wheel chair after a scooter accident in Las Vegas. He is aggravated and struggling financially. He is considering returning to the border.

The Bite of Life (04:37)

Kennedy is back on the U.S. / Mexico border in Campo, California. He has a new understanding of handicapped people. In 2011, Alabama passed an immigration bill even tougher than that of Arizona in 2010.

Credits: Max Kennedy and the American Dream (00:57)

Credits: Max Kennedy and the American Dream

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Max Kennedy is a Minuteman, one of the many American vigilantes who patrol the border with Mexico. Hunting down illegal immigrants, the Minutemen live a gritty existence in the desert. They do it from a belief that they are at the frontline of a war to save their country. Yet within Max lies a great conflict; a sympathy for the Mexicans, who he feels are destroying his country. Casting a penetrating light on the US-Mexico border issue, Max's story is a telling insight into human trafficking, first-world poverty and right-wing hate politics.

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