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Nouadhibou, Mauritania (04:22)


Harouna talks to his mother who is in Mali and tells her to remain where she is. When Harouna speaks to his brother, he reports that times are tough and apologizes for not sending money.

Syracuse, Italy (03:48)

Baba Dabri learns to read at a camp where he has been staying for four months. Men discuss their experiences of traveling across the sea to seek shelter in a new country.

Refugees in Italy (03:00)

A man in the camp tells Dabri that he must fight to get his papers. He discusses refugees sleeping in the streets of Rome and Milan, treated like animals by the locals.

Leaving Family Behind (03:18)

Harouna speaks to a man about family and faith. He admits he has a child he has never met. He was forced to leave her in Mauritania with her mother.

Dreams of Traveling to Europe (02:06)

A young girl discusses traveling to Europe. She does not have a plan but admits that prostitution may be a way for her to make money in France.

Financial Struggles (03:22)

Harouna speaks to his mother in Mauritania who is taking care of a crying baby. He promises to send money by the month's end.

Immigration (04:36)

Nwasuma calls her grandfather who thanks her for what she has sent. Nwasuma's mother remembers leaving her daughter in Ghana to immigrate to the UK and feels guilty. Nwasuma tells her that she must forgive herself.

Immigrant Life (03:52)

In the streets of Copenhagen, an immigrant gathers recyclables while people around him dance and party. He settles down to sleep on a park bench with his belongings around him.

Lost at Sea (02:37)

Harouna and a friend walk along the shore; they discover pieces of clothing. The friend recalls finding a swollen corpse.

Chance for Europe (02:09)

Nwasuma applies makeup and gets dressed. She talks to a friend on the phone and admits she is struggling. The friend tells her that someone knows a way to Europe and that they may take her.

Alone in a Foreign Country (02:42)

Harouna and another immigrant talk about being alone and missing their families. They struggle to stay hopeful and dream of repaying their families.

Struggling Refugees (05:01)

At a camp, immigrants exercise. One man tells his family that the only work he can find is "evil." The immigrants celebrate a birthday and thank God.

Emotional Struggles (04:17)

An immigrant talks on the phone to a girl in Russia who tells him about the nightclubs and her "white boyfriend." Harouna paints on a canvas.

Stuck in Senegal (05:10)

A woman suggests Harouna bring his family from Mali. His mother is waiting for her passport, but she still wants him to go to Europe. An immigrant prays before wrapping his feet in plastic bags and holey rain boots; corpses lie in the desert sand.

Struggles back Home (03:21)

Harouna sits by the sea. An immigrant talks to his family who is having difficulty paying rent; Onome is not well. He assures them that they will not be kicked out immediately.

Nwasuma's Prayers (02:09)

Nwasuma describes her mother who works at a hotel in Copenhagen. At night, she applies makeup and prays for her mother.

Fleeing from Injustice (03:32)

Harouna learns that his mother is in the hospital; he struggles to sell his art. Harouna tells his friend he was feeling suicidal but cannot die until he helps his mother. Nwasuma dances and prays.

Swedish Migration Customer Service (03:06)

An immigrant is trying to contact the government office about his papers but the phone number fails. A recording connects him to voicemail.

Dreams of Europe (03:32)

Harouna helps sacrifice a sheep. He speaks to his brother Billi on the phone and tells him to tell their he is trying to get to Europe.

Bound for Europe? (03:00)

Harouna showers and boards a train in the desert. The train disappears into the distance.

Credits: Days of Hope (03:14)

Credits: Days of Hope

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Three immigrant stories interlace to offer a portrait of the brave souls who leave Africa for Europe but who always stay connected with home. We rarely see immigrants on the move as humans. Do they have lives separate from the process of immigration? But in fact in a globalized, connected world immigrants are as we are. As the narrative unfolds we learn that each of the 3 characters has motivations very similar to those that drive us all.

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