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Arrested for Homosexuality (04:28)


Lambert is serving his five year prison sentence in Central Prison Yaoundé. President Ahmadou Ahidjo passed the law to unite both the English and French speaking portion of Cameroon. Alice Nkom fights to legalize homosexuality. (Credits)

Outlawed in 1972 (04:03)

A woman compares homosexuality to witchcraft. In 2006, a newspaper published a list of suspected homosexuals— half the men in the government were named. Nkom visits the prosecutor's office to obtain a permit to see her clients in prison.

Cycle of Sexual Abuse (02:51)

A woman describes how Doctor Louis-Paul Aujoulat raped President Ahidjo and other men to maintain political control. Nkom attempts to obtain a permit to see her clients, but is unsuccessful.

Police Intervention (04:16)

After interviewing Lambert in prison, police arrested the filmmaker, her two homosexual girlfriends, and confiscated the equipment. After the Celine Metzger paid the fine, Muriel and Tatiana moved to Ebolown. Tatiana was raped by a man when she was 13.

Threat of Banishment (03:35)

Bangangte's chief describes how exile is a death sentence in Cameroon. Elvis runs a phone booth along a busy street. His younger brother calls him a "poof" during an altercation.

Meet Serge (02:34)

At their first meeting, Elvis asked Serge how much money he would give him for sex. Serge has never prostituted himself. When he told his family he was gay, they ostracized him, stopped giving him money, and think he is dirty— he now fights to earn a living.

Making a Difference (04:25)

Nkom organizes an AIDS awareness program in a middle school that expelled two lesbians. She explains to the head of the school that she will be suing him to change the law. The constitution of 1996 and the order President Ahidjo signed are contradictory.

Changing Perspective (03:11)

Nathalie visits her family before showing Metzger Akwa, which is a much freer city than Yaounde. Suzanne Kala Lobe describes how a friend told her every family hides their homosexual relatives, because they love them. It is only those in power who are homophobic.

Muriel's Family (03:06)

Virginie, Muriel's mother, does not want to talk about homosexuality. Olivier helps pay the rent on the apartment. Muriel describes how she tells Olivier she loves him but also Tatiana.

Elvis' Double Life (03:42)

Elvis' family is not well off financially, but they always provided him with food. He visits an older brother in a remote section of town. His brother describes how the family wants him to find someone.

Trial Date (03:49)

Nkom meets with her clients before the hearing. A doctor provided evidence of whether her clients had homosexual intercourse. After a lengthy battle two were found innocent, seven were found guilty and sentenced to 8 months in jail— they had already served over a year.

Hunger Riots (04:21)

These violent demonstrations resulted in somewhere between 40 and 100 deaths in Cameroon in 2008. Virginie hopes the government does something about the food crisis— Muriel does not feel free. In Doula, Nathalie has opened a bar and feels as if she is tolerated.

In Yaounde (02:36)

Arrests are still being made and people are concerned about survival. Serge discusses an old boyfriend who is afraid to return to the country. Lambert became an activist for Nkom's organization, ADEHO, and now works for Alternative Cameroon.

Dominant Versus the Dominated (03:47)

Charles Guebogo describes how Cameroonian's sexuality is based on power. Nkom creates "The Group for Families of Homosexual Children" to help combat parents disowning their children. It is still illegal to perform homosexual acts in Cameroon.

Credits: Coming Out of the Nkuta (00:49)

Credits: Coming Out of the Nkuta

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Or "Coming out of the Closet" as it means in Cameroon, is a criminal offence for the country's homosexuals. But Alice, a bold and intrepid lawyer, is standing alone against a wall of vitriol to defend them. Rejected by their families and imprisoned by their government, the brave individuals that Alice defends can only lead half lives in their own country. This heartbreaking documentary exposes their desperate plight and search for acceptance.

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