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Broken Moon: Introduction (02:39)


Sonam crosses through Dat Valley in the snow. (Credits)

Himalayan Nomads (03:50)

Sonam gathers firewood and returns to his nomadic village. He tells his son Dorjay that he did not find enough water while in the valley and suggests the tribe move.

Spanshang Valley (04:53)

A man explains the legend of the nomadic tribe in the valley. Sonam and Dorjay discuss the difficult conditions in the valley. They argue about Dorjay moving to the city.

Traditional Life (02:11)

Dorjay wants Sonam to understand his desire to leave the valley. Sonam worries what will become of Dorjay if he goes to the city; he does not want Dorjay to abandon tradition.

Life in the Valley (03:06)

Dorjay's wife recalls moving to the valley from Chumur village. She worries for the health of her children and his not happy in the valley. A tribesman reflects on valley conditions.

Leaving the Valley (02:54)

An older tribesman suggests Dorjay consult a Lama or Oracles to learn the consequences of moving to the city. A tribesman reflects on those who have left the valley.

Preserving a Way of Life (02:28)

Sonam talks with a tribesman about improving conditions in the valley. A tribesman reflects on his experience in the city.

Seeking a Blessing (02:59)

Dorjay writes a letter asking Rinpoche to visit Spanshang Valley. Dorjay takes his letter to the temple and asks a monk to send it to Rinpoche.

Rinpoche's Arrival (04:43)

Monks chant at a temple. Sonam, Dorjay, and tribesman prepare for Rinpoche's visit. Rinpoche blesses the people and animals.

Medical Attention (02:48)

Doctors arrive in the valley. Dorjay's daughter has a skin condition as a result of sun exposure. Older members of the tribe need eye operations.

New Technologies (04:05)

Dorjay and a fellow tribesman read prayer books. A man from the city arrives in the village presenting solar panels and a satellite phone. He believes that tribesmen will be less likely to abandon traditions if they have technologies available.

Sonam's Apprentice (04:25)

Sonam encourages a young man's interest in mountain traditions. Later, Soman reveals that the young man left for the city; he vows to maintain traditions.

Sonam's Dream (04:03)

Sonam tells Dorjay that he had a bad dream and wants to see the oracle. Dorjay tries to discourage him, but Sonam is adamant.

Treating the Animals (02:02)

The man from the city built a relationship with the tribesman by bringing medicines for the animals. Tribesmen roundup the goats and dip them in a medicated bath.

Journey to the Oracle (02:27)

Sonam prepares his horse for the journey. He reflects on the bareness of what was once a water crossing and the changing landscape.

Oracle Prophecy (04:12)

Sonam speaks with the oracle about the abandonment of traditions. He learns that no one is going to find peace and prosperity by leaving the gods; prosperity will return by honoring the gods.

Concerns for the Future (03:07)

Sonam contemplates the oracle's prophecy and Dorjay's concerns about life in the valley. He decides to give his animals to Dorjay and move away. Sonam tries to convince Dorjay to lead their people.

Sonam's New Journey (03:48)

Sonam leaves his tribe in Spanshang Valley. He stops to pray at an altar and attaches flags.

Leh City, Ladakh (04:03)

Sonam arrives in the city. He tries to earn money by selling items on the streets. In the valley, Dorjay weaves fabric and hangs prayer flags; hear Sonam's words of advice.

Effects of Climate Change (01:11)

More than 80% of nomads migrated to cities. The dramatic temperature rise in the Himalayas affects local populations and Asian rivers.

Credits: Broken Moon (02:26)

Credits: Broken Moon

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As the sun beats down and the wind whips dust into his eyes, Sonam, a Himalayan nomad, struggles across an arid landscape. Yet life here was not always like this. The climate changed, turning his once beautiful world into a desert. Now Sonam and his people face a desperate struggle to survive or must leave their homeland behind. Cinematic and full of majesty, this doc offers a startling glimpse of one of the most remote corners of the planet.

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