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Thalassemia Major (03:26)


Every year, approximately 10,000 children in India are born with Thalassemia. Thalassemic patients receive a blood transfusion every week and take iron chelation. Imran, age 24, reflects on his appearance and the music of Eminem.

Weekly Transfusion (02:49)

Divya, age 14, was diagnosed with Thalassemia at the age of one; she receives a transfusion. Divya's mother meets a woman who has four children with the disorder and reflects on her promise to god.

Think Foundation (02:49)

Vice President Vinay Shetty states that without intervention, iron accumulation as a result of repeated blood transfusions will result in death. He explains his involvement with the foundation and reflects on the cost of iron chelation.

Divine Intervention (01:51)

Divya's mother regularly prays for her daughter's cure. A spiritual healer visits their home.

Family Provider (02:27)

Imran and his family live in Sion government housing. He works for a call center to help manage the cost of his medication and care for his family; his father left when Imran was six. Imran discusses medication subsidization with Vinay.

Iron Overload (04:16)

A man in the U.S. provides financial support the Think Foundation. Vinay meets Divya and her parents, and discusses iron chelation. Imran learns a friend died; he is concerned about his high iron levels and his mother's declining health.

Seeking Government Assistance (02:29)

The Think Foundation has appealed to the Indian government to provide free iron chelation to all Thalassemic patients. Health Minister Suresh Shetty acknowledges that many patients fall below the poverty line. Divya plays games with children younger than she is.

Sion Hospital (02:40)

A doctor examines Divya and discusses the effects of blood transfusions without iron chelation. With the help of Vinay, Divya has started taking medication.

Imran's Day Out (02:52)

Imran injects a drug to remove iron from his body five times a week. He spends time with a friend and discusses marriage.

Minister Approval (02:06)

Vinay attends a green walk-a-thon in hopes of speaking to the Health Minister about his chelation therapy proposal; Suresh agrees to provide the treatment to all Thalassemic patients in Maharashtra.

Family Struggles (04:54)

Divya's family owes several people money. Her brother Jayesh is getting married and he is worried about his children having Thalassemia major; Jayesh get tested. Divya's mother sees her education as a waste of time.

Disappointing News (04:08)

The power is out at Imran's house. Work consumes Vinay's time. Vinay learns that his U.S. sponsor is cutting all funding to the Think Foundation.

Think Foundation Struggles (03:39)

Vinay moves everything to the small office and cuts his salary after losing his U.S. sponsor. A staff member announces he received a job offer. Vinay discusses his situation with his parents.

Jayesh's Diagnosis (02:27)

Jayesh and his parents learn he is Thalassemia minor; Vinay stresses the importance of Jayesh's future wife getting tested. Vinay's mother believes fate dictates life. Vinay gets a call from the Health Minister's office.

Think Foundation Set-Back (04:48)

Vinaya proposes free iron chelation treatment for all Thalasssemic children; Suresh denies the proposal. Vinay learns Divya has been skipping her medicine and decides to pay for her treatment.

St. George's Hospital (04:39)

Vinay reflects on the safety of the blood supply. Imran learns he contracted Hepatitis C from a transfusion and meets with a specialist to discuss treatment. The cost of medication is a concern and Vinay vows to find the necessary funding.

Religious Celebration (02:38)

See footage of Thalassemic children and Vinay running. Divya and her family celebrate the festival of the goddess Durga.

Treatment Funding (02:42)

Vinay discusses government funding with parents of Thalassemic children. He tells his sister the situation is desperate. Imran finds a sponsor to pay for half of Imran's treatment; he pays the rest.

Imran and Divya (03:34)

Imran has had a cough for several weeks and has lost weight. His mother shares her concerns with Vinay. Divya no longer attends school; Vinay encourages her parents to send her back.

Imran's Health (03:09)

Divya returns to school. Imran learns he will need to take injections for Hep C longer than anticipated; he cannot pay for his sister's education. Imran goes on a date.

Seeking Sponsorship (03:21)

Vinay approached individuals and organizations for their financial support. Imran discusses his health with Vinay and two new Thalassemic patients. Vinay vows Think Foundation will remain running.

Patient Update (00:44)

Divya no longer attends school, but her health is improving. Imran continues to take medication for Hep C; he helped create the Youth Thalassemic Alliance. Vinay continues to run Think Foundation.

Blood Relative (71:38)

Blood Relative

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Divya (15) and Imran (24) are trapped in the bodies of small children. A rare disease stunts their growth, leaving them reliant on expensive medicine and unlikely to live much longer. Can their hero Vinay help them to defeat India's broken medical system?

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