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Lost Children (02:15)


Ariel does not worry about his family because strangers give him everything he needs. Hundreds of homeless children live in Durban Point Row District. Billy Raftery wanted to document their plight. (Credits)

Introducing Zuleika (02:13)

Zuleika, age 12, drinks alcohol with a bunch of homeless teenagers. When she wakes up in the morning, she hides her possessions and bathes in the ocean. Zakes was with Mbali, but now he is Zuleika's boyfriend.

Believes She Is A Singer (03:32)

Zuleika wants to return to school and sing. She attempted to return home, but her mother would not put her in school. Mandi Hewitt explains how she ended up in a shelter with her brother and sister— she formed the Umthombo Street Child Action Organization with her husband Tom.

Introducing Ariel (01:59)

Ariel, age 13, describes how the boys he stays with are better than a family. Sosha Thuthukhani, a friend of Ariel's, became an outreach worker for Umthombo organization. Thuthukhani ran away from home at the age of 10 because his parents could not take care of him.

Access to Glue (02:12)

Street vendors sell glue to the homeless who sniff it— overuse creates pain in the joints and difficulty walking. Delani, stole to pay for his habit and could have bought sneakers. Crying is a side effect of the addiction.

Addiction and Street Life (02:43)

Thuthukhani stole his grandmother's wedding ring and sold it for 50 rand. Authorities arrested his brother and jailed him. Several months later, he died from HIV. Ariel takes Thuthukhani to his family's home in Phoenix.

Decision to Leave Home (04:02)

When Ariel refused to go purchase cigarettes, his grandfather beat him up. His father suffered a stroke and was unable to protect Ariel from the abuse. Thuthukhani convinces Ariel to go to rehab and allow him to meet Ariel's grandparents.

Hewitt Meets JT (02:05)

JT and Zuleika have the same mother, but different fathers. One morning while JT was bathing Zuleika, she saw scars on her back. Their step-father started raping Zuleika when she was nine years old.

JT Cannot Support Zuleika (02:11)

JT hopes that Zuleika can find a shelter to stay in and go back to school. Zuleika was diagnosed with HIV at age 11. Counselors gather to discuss Zuleika's case and how they can help her.

Violence on the Streets (02:33)

Mawallis spent six months in Westville Prison for robbery. A man accuses him of stealing his glue— Zakes gets involved. Zuleika calms him down by explaining that she came back to the streets only for him.

Ariel Goes to Rehab (02:02)

Muzi accused Ariel of stealing jewelry, but Ariel was innocent. Arial does not want to go to the rehab center because it is too close to Durban. Thuthukhani explains how draining helping homeless teenagers is.

Prostitution on the Streets (02:24)

Mawallis saw Zuleika prostitute herself. When she returned to Zakes in the morning, she surprised him with a cold drink. Zakes is upset, but by the afternoon they have reconciled.

Hewitt's Home (03:30)

Hewitt visits her mother's home in Duncan Village. When she was a child she used to walk to the garbage dump and filter through trash to find food. Her stepfather raped her when she was a child.

Zuleika Goes to the Hospital (03:34)

Hewitt organizes for JT to receive food subsidies in return for housing Zuleika. She refuses to return until she gets her hair relaxed. When she returns, she decides she wants to stay with Zakes.

At the Umthombo Organization (02:21)

Hewitt discusses Zuleika's case with the counselors. Thuthukhani attempts to convince Zakes that Zuleika needs to go home because of her health issues.

Metro Police Raid (03:23)

Law enforcement officials plan a raid to pick up street children before a holiday or major conference, then drop them off 50 miles from the city or place them in a shelter. In the winter of 2006, Zuleika decides to live with JT. Hewitt counsels her on how to tell her sister that she is HIV positive.

Dangerous Streets (04:14)

Thuthukhani counsels Ariel after he becomes a runner for local drug dealers. Ariel refuses to tell him exactly what he does for the gangsters. JT discovers Zuleika is HIV positive from her medical card— JT decides she is done helping her.

Raftery Returns to the United States (02:19)

Eight months later, Zuleika is five months pregnant and refuses to say who the father is. Simphiwe, her boyfriend, worries about the baby living on the streets. When Zuleika saw Zakes, she refused to say hello to him.

At St. Augustine's Hospital (03:27)

Hewitt reviews with Zuleika the doctor's recommendations for the baby and tries to convince her to return to JT, but she refuses. When she is seven months pregnant a drug dealer stabs and rapes her because she owed him money. She decides she needs to leave the streets.

Seven Months Pregnant (03:18)

Zuleika and Simphiwe move to outside the police station to lessen the chance of reprisal. He tells her to leave and stay with JT, but she refuses. After an argument, Simphiwe decides to return home to his grandmother's house.

Left Alone (01:56)

Ariel begins to deal drugs. One day, when he discovered his memory card was gone, he stabbed his neighbor.

Zuleika Goes into Labor (03:09)

Zuleika undergoes a caesarean section, because she is HIV positive. She gives birth to a baby girl and names her Mbalenhle Angel— the baby is HIV negative. She stays at JT's house and bottle feeds the child.

Zuleika's 16th Birthday (02:46)

Two months later, Zuleika returns to the streets and abandons her daughter. The baby dies from unknown causes at nine months old. Simphiwe returns to Zuleika.

Renting an Apartment (03:35)

The Umthombo Organization rents an apartment for Zuleika and Simphiwe. Thuthukani describes how tough it will be for them to adjust to life off the streets. Ariel returns to his family after his grandfather passes away.

Preparing to Return to School (04:28)

Thukhani visits Zuleika and Simphwe. Zuleika works at a hair salon and they still live together. Ariel returned to the streets and in 2015 passed away from complications due to tuberculosis.

Credits: Angels in Exile (04:26)

Credits: Angels in Exile

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What does the onset of puberty and sexual awakening mean for a street child? Over 8 years we witness the world of two children growing up homeless on the streets of Durban. They live in the midst of a sophisticated society but they might as well be invisible. It's a world of violence, drugs, prostitution, and murder— while teenage love blossoms regardless.

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