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Prey Lang Forest (04:05)


In Cambodia, indigenous communities harvest resin to sell for food. Resin trees are being cut down for timber. Chut Wutty told locals not to fear loggers, and to protect the forest. (Credits)

Remembering Chut Wutty (03:13)

View a map of deforestation between 1989 and 2014. Wutty's nephew Choun Phirom, friend Marcus Hardtke, and colleague Mao Chanthoern describe the leader's strength and commitment to the forest. Cheuy Oudorm says his father was prepared to die for his beliefs.

Indigenous Land Rights Violations (04:46)

View footage of Wutty organizing activists in November 2014. Industrial logging destroys local livelihoods. Prey Lang Network members patrol twice a month; they say the spirit Lok Ta fled and it’s their responsibility to save the forest.

Prey Lang Deforestation (02:50)

Logging began in Tumring when a company was granted land to plant rubber. They told locals they were clearing degraded land, but sold high value trees. Prime Minister Hun Sen says people should switch from tapping resin and subsistence farming to tapping rubber.

Rubber as a Cash Crop (03:37)

Follow the raw material from the tapping stage to plant processing. The Sokphaknica Investment Company wants to expand, but favorable land belongs to local subsistence farmers. The CEO plans to solicit government support to gain access.

Fight for Livelihood Rights (03:10)

Chanthoern patrols the forest to protect her son's future access; she does not want him to become a rubber laborer. Her husband does not agree with her activist work. Loggers vilify her because she confiscates timber.

Resource Exploitation (02:03)

Logging concessions are shrinking indigenous land and threatening Cambodia's stability. Nearly 1 million resin trees have been felled, but local communities have not been compensated. Loggers ignore conservation areas; Wutty calls it anarchy.

Prey Lang Network Campaign (04:04)

Activists enter the CRCK rubber concession to determine logging quantity and legality. They destroy timber so that the company cannot profit from it. The military arrives and tries to arrest Wutty; community members defend him.

Hunted Leader (02:32)

Wutty feels obligated to continue helping the Prey Lang Network protect the forest—even if it endangers his life. Seng Sokheng describes military checkpoints set up to catch Wutty.

Attracting Media Attention (03:32)

Wutty's wife Sam Chanty describes their marriage. After conflicts with logging companies, the U.S. offered protection but Wutty stayed in Cambodia to continue leading the Prey Lang Network. Articles were published about his work; he was not afraid to expose corruption and conservation issues.

Exposing Yellow Vine Drug Production (02:23)

Logging companies offered Wutty bribes to stop reporting corruption to international media; he refused. He began investigating illegally harvested yellow vine, and invited journalist Olesia Plokhii to witness logging in the Cardamom Mountains.

Wutty's Assassination (04:36)

Plokhii, Hardtke and Oudorm retrace Wutty's path to an illegal yellow vine harvesting operation. Plokhii describes the confrontation leading to his murder by the Cambodian military police.

Mourning an Indigenous Leader (04:16)

Oudorm recalls learning about his father's death. He believes the timber company wanted to prevent him from exposing yellow vine production. Oudorm is now responsible for the family.

Investigation of Wutty's Death (03:38)

Phirom says Ran Boroth was suspected in Wutty's murder. Boroth's defense lawyer Ly Kosal says In Rantana shot Wutty and Boroth killed Rantana to control the situation. Plokhii says there are inconsistencies in the story.

Cambodian Human Rights Hero (03:35)

Chanthoern mourns Wutty's death, and will continue her work protecting the Prey Lang forest. Prey Lang Network members discuss a report accusing timber companies of illegal logging. Globally, two environmental activists are killed each week.

Credits: I Am Chut Wutty (01:01)

Credits: I Am Chut Wutty

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In Cambodia's Prey Lang forest deforestation is devastating the lives of the indigenous population. Environmental activist Chut Wutty is determined to fight the illegal practices of logging companies but when investigating a secret military-controlled logging site, Wutty is shot dead. I am Chut Wutty follows Wutty's fierce battle against illegal logging in an extraordinary tale of one man's courageous battle to save Cambodia's forests.

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