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Craig Anderson's Typical Day (04:50)


Anderson begins with a shower at the city pool, where he has access to hot water. His breakfast consists of eggs, meats, and Froot Loops®. An office doubles as a bedroom. After working late he goes out and gets several value meals.

Japanese Film Opportunity (02:30)

Anderson shares his typical weekly diet. He is invited to take part in a project about the health benefits of a Japanese diet. The Japanese have some of the lowest rates of obesity and heart disease in the world.

Medical Exam Results (03:17)

Tests reveal Anderson's health problems, including: elevated liver enzymes, inflammation, and the potential of developing type 2 diabetes. He learns his conditions are reversible.

Meeting With Dietician (02:27)

Caroline Scott discusses the foods Anderson will likely encounter in Japan. He is encouraged to eat seaweed salad, fermented foods, natto, and drink green tea instead of coffee.

Arriving in Tokyo (01:36)

After a flight and bus ride, Anderson sets out walking to his motel. Like the Japanese, walking will give him daily cardio; a fitness tracker will record his physical activity.

Day One: Breakfast (01:48)

Compare the breakfast that Anderson would typically eat to the one he has at his motel buffet. Following his dietician's advice, he eats slowly to feel full.

Green Tea Ceremony (04:52)

Anderson learns how the Japanese prepare and serve tea.

Day One: Lunch (02:00)

Anderson sits down to a meal of soba noodles and mountain vegetables. He shops for green tea after committing to avoiding soda and coffee. Japan has more centurions than any other country.

Walking to New Accommodations (02:48)

Anderson arrives at the new rental house to find slippers and mattresses on the floor. A video diary captures how he feels at the end of day one.

Preparing a Japanese Meal (03:28)

Anderson joins a family to see the kinds of foods they eat for dinner. He helps cut carrots.

Typical Japanese Dinner (02:34)

Sitting at the table, Anderson gets a lesson in using chopsticks. He lists the unhealthy junk food that he eats at home. He is glad he will not need an oven to cook Japanese food.

Natto Day (03:35)

Anderson tries natto for the first time. The texture is sticky and the smell is foul, but the taste is acceptable. It is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Home Prepared Meal (03:02)

Anderson goes grocery shopping. He samples some seaweed. See his home-cooked dinner.

Day With Japanese Businessman (02:50)

Anderson learns that a typical day includes lots of walking. He and Kaz take an eight minute lunch at a standing noodle bar.

Friday Night Out (03:29)

Anderson and Kaz go out for dinner and karaoke after a long work day. Anderson settles for teppanyaki and oolong tea.

Types of Tofu (04:11)

On day seven, Anderson reports that his pain is reduced and he is enjoying going for walks. He goes to a restaurant to learn different ways tofu can be served. It is a good source of protein, calcium, and iron.

Noticeable Weight Loss (01:24)

On day nine, Anderson sits down to a breakfast of natto, soybeans, pickles, and green tea. He now buys groceries instead of ready meals. His previously tight pants are loose.

Sumo Wrestler Diet (04:02)

Anderson wonders how anyone can get large on Japanese food. He discusses diet and portion size with Konishiki. Anderson's average steps per day are 12,000 in Japan compared to 7,000 in Australia.

Japanese Cafeteria Meals (03:42)

Mr. Otaka operates cafeterias in factories and offices. Anderson joins him to see the healthy meals that are served and gets a lesson in cutting fish with chop sticks.

Making a Bento Box (04:10)

Concerned with eating meals while out on a job, Anderson gets a lesson in preparing a healthy pack-and-go lunch.

Roadside Diner Meal (02:50)

On his final weekend, Anderson is heading to a Buddhist Temple. He is pleased to find healthy options for lunch along the way.

Zen Exercise: Writing Haiku (03:55)

At a Buddhist Temple, Anderson asks Asami how he can prepare his mind to continue his healthy lifestyle after he returns home. He spends the day focusing on writing.

Cooking With Buddhist Monk (02:02)

Anderson watches Asami make tempura vegetables. His pants keep falling off while washing his hands.

Hot Bath and Dinner (03:09)

Anderson cleans up before dinner in an outdoor pool. He sits down to a meal of pumpkin tempura, daikon, shiitake, miso soup, and rice.

Final Day: Stick Whacking (02:08)

Anderson is wearing suspenders, from Asami, to keep his loose jeans up. He has learned healthy eating can be delicious and daily exercise and portion control can keep him from being fat.

Four Weeks Later (02:58)

Anderson goes out walking with his dog. Grocery shopping includes a nearby Asian store for obscure items including: miso paste, natto, fish flakes, and dried pickles. He discovers the local sushi bar has traditional Japanese dishes on their menu.

Preparing Bento Boxes (02:07)

To stay on his diet while working away from home, Anderson makes to-go lunches. He starts his day with light exercises and swimming.

Sticking to the Diet (03:09)

While working on a film set, Anderson is tempted by the catered breakfast and lunch. He takes some teasing over his Japanese meal.

Twelve Week Check-up (03:27)

Dr. Karen Coates tells Anderson his new test results. He lost 53 pounds and has a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, heart attack and stroke, and improved liver function. His biological age is down from 64 to 55.

Credits: Miso Hungry (01:10)

Credits: Miso Hungry

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Award-winning comedian and fast-food junkie Craig Anderson doesn't have much time for healthy living. But at double his recommended weight and with a biological age of 64 at the age of 38, he may just not have much time, period. Can a nation known for its longevity save Craig from death by pizza? This fresh and funny documentary follows Craig on an action-packed culinary voyage of discovery to Japan, as he learns a whole new approach to food and fulfillment.

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