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Landmine Casualty (04:27)


An ambulance brings a man injured by a landmine to the hospital in Battambang, Cambodia. The ICU is prepared and the trauma surgery team arrives. Medical personnel discuss treating Satya Yorm.

Yorm's Surgery (03:32)

Dr. Tesfaye Makonnen Feleke discusses the relationship between injuries and contact with the mine; Yorm stepped on a buried anti-personnel landmine. Feleke performed a below knee amputation.

High Amputee Rates (03:44)

In Cambodia, hundreds of square miles contain approximately 6 million unexploded landmines. The emergency surgical center opened in 1998 and continues to receive 5-10 landmine victims every month. Two days after surgery, Yorm recalls stepping on the landmine; fellow patients and staff will help him adjust to the amputation.

Male Recovery Ward (03:30)

Three days after surgery, Yorm is doing well and leaves the ICU. He joins other patients recovering from landmine accidents.

Visiting Hours (03:49)

Family and friends visit loved ones in the male recovery ward. Yorm is embarrassed about his appearance and the smell of his leg wound. A nurse calls Yorm's brother to find out if anyone will be coming to visit him.

Day Four of Recovery (04:21)

Merja Heitito hopes Yorm's family will come for a visit. Yorm's father arrives; he feels awful and is worried about Yorm's future. Heitito discusses Yorm's calm demeanor, lack of interaction with other patients, and upcoming operation.

Yorm's Second Surgery (04:26)

Yorm hopes he will get better so he can work. On day five of his recovery, doctors attempt to close the wound. Tissue, muscle, and bone are unhealthy and doctors amputate above the knee.

After Second Surgery (01:48)

Yorm wakes from anesthesia three hours after surgery; Nurse Eap Hourt waits to tell him about the amputation. Since 1979, nearly 65,000 landmine casualties have been reported; poor and rural communities are affected most.

First Physiotherapy Session (02:31)

Eight days after his initial surgery, Yorm beings physiotherapy. He discusses realizing his leg was shorter after the second surgery and fighting for his future. Physiotherapist Toun Phea helps Yorm build strength.

Dr. Richard Gosselin (01:45)

On day nine of Yorm's recovery, a Canadian trauma specialist advises during daily rounds. Gosselin discusses the phantom foot sensation. Yorm feels itching in the sole of his foot that is not there.

Relearning How to Walk (03:54)

On day 11 of his recovery, Yorm practices walking along the bars and with hand crutches. He tries not to think about the accident and focuses on the future.

Day 23 of Recovery (04:04)

Yorm is set to be discharged from the hospital. A hospital staff member removes Yorm's stitches and sees that the wound is till weeping. Yorm will stay in the hospital for a few more days.

Discharged from the Hospital (03:46)

On day 25 of his recovery, Yorm goes home; he feels better about his future. Yorm will return in July for a prosthetic leg.

Yorm Returns Home (02:28)

Yorm is excited to see his family. His grandmother laments his fate and declares his injury a terrible thing.

Spiritual Help (03:09)

Living with a disability can be a significant challenge for those in developing countries. Yorm visits a temple and prays for good health. Yorm returned to teaching two months later; he lives with his family.

Landmine Update (01:09)

See footage of the Cambodian landscape. As of 2011, 159 countries have signed the Mine Ban Treaty of 1999; 35 countries refuse to sign.

Credits: Landmine ER (01:17)

Credits: Landmine ER

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The war ended in Cambodia in 1991, but for rural Cambodians the legacy of landmines has extended the violent history into their present-day lives. Satya Yorman lost a leg to a landmine. Through Satya, we experience the painful effects of a landmine injury and coming to terms with a crippling disability. His story illustrates the life-changing consequences of Cambodia's six million unexploded landmines. Will Satya ever be able to walk again?

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